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5094 2016-01-25 11:56 dixie_gooner (user activity59) - Found it

I was meeting up with a muggle friend for lunch today when he hit upon the idea of us packing a lunch and a flask so as that he could join me grabbing a few Geocaches. He has never been Geocaching before and was keen to experience it. Obviously I couldnt resist the opportunity to grab a few caches. As I didnt have much time to plan I chose this series without doing any research. Although the weather was dry today I hadnt accounted for the 2 months of rain we have had. Like others before me I found the first 3 very muddy like others before me.

Having found all the required information apart from one I struggled to find a suitable location for this cache and resorted to a PAF. I was soon furnished with the missing piece of information and headed to GZ. Eve when in the right area I didnt feel confident and then spotted the cache. I enjoyed the extra twist.