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5095 2016-07-07 11:56 dixie_gooner (user activity59) - Note

I was long overdue a decent walk with my Caching partner, Smithy138. It has been a combination of me being busy at work and him being injured which has clipped our caching wings in recent months. Added to the fact that he has been away lots too. On Tuesday he sent me an email and told me that he wasn't going away this week as planned and was actually fit again. The work I had planned for today was cancelled and my mind started to wonder if he would be available for a days Geocaching. But I needed to decide where first. So I did my usual searches for caches which I need for my D/T or Jasmer grids. Then I searched for unfound caches and saw that there was a new series "Highway to Hangingstone" which only had logs on the first 3. I contacted Smithy and a plan was hatched. Last night as I was loading the caches up I noticed that they had all been found, but that didn't deter us.

Having previously cached from Belstone to complete Costdonne hill, we knew our way and once again parked up in the car park on the edge of the village. We managed to find the right path out (unlike last time), although it seemed like we had walked a mile before we got on to the moor.

We followed the trail up here and picked up the traditional cache that is in the vicinity. We were just about to step off the tor when I remembered that there was this EC here. We wandered round and gathered the information required and even posed for some pictures.