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Toxteth Park Cemetery - OK03F2
A challenging puzzle/multi in an interesting cemetery.
Owner: Amberel
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Altitude: 0 m. ASL.
 Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Merseyside
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Small
Status: Ready for Search
Time required: 1:30 h    Distance to travel: 1.50 km
Date hidden: 01-05-2017
Date created: 01-05-2017
Date published: 01-05-2017
Last modification: 12-03-2019
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Description EN

Liverpool Toxteth Park Cemetery was opened on Monday 9 June 1856. It has "consecrated" areas for Church of England burials, and "unconsecrated" areas for atheists, agnostics and those of other faiths.

There are many interesting memorials, some of them very ornate. Some of those interred were rich and some were famous, and there was a preference for their graves to be close to the paths that criss-cross the cemetery. But there were also many paupers buried in unmarked graves, where you can see large areas raised a little above the path level in the centre of the larger sections.

To find this cache you will first have to find some information from the internet, and some from in the cemetery. Note that the cemetery is not open at night; normally it will be open from 07:00 to 22:00.

The day in June 1856 on which the first interment took place, that of Elizabeth Watling, this is AB.

(GG) Look for a white grave beside the path with the inscription "MENS SANA IN CORPORE SANO" (which was the motto of my secondary school). C and D are the number of letters in his first and second name.

(CED) Look for the dark grey grave of the Chairman of Liverpool A.F.C. How many letters in his wife's first and middle names, this is E and F.

(GO) Look for the grave of a musician and composer - there is a prominent picture of him carved above his name. How many words in the full name of the choir he conducted - this is G.

(CEI) Find Alfred, who was lost at sea in April 1912. You are looking for a brown stone memorial, octagonal and having a "steeple" with a cross on top. H is the number of letters in the name of the ship (one word).

(CEM) One memorial is dedicated to firemen. Find the name of the inspector who was killed in the discharge of his duty by the sudden falling of a wall - the number of letters in his first and last name are J and K.

(CEP) Find the grave of Naturalist William Cross. It is set back from the path, and has an anchor and a dove carved on the headstone. He died aged LM years.

Finally, visit the war memorial by the main path through the cemetery. I have chosen this person because my own grandfather was a Chief Stoker in the war. Find the inscription for W. SEYMOUR, who was a Leading Stoker on H.M.S. Excellent in the Royal Navy - His service number is N87859 and he died on P.11.1918.

The cache is at:
N53 2(K-F).(H-A)DB W002 5(C+N).L(P-A)(E-G)

Note: There is a separate cache in the cemetery for which the questions are the same but the expression is different, so it leads you to a different cache container.

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