Geocaching is an outdoor sport or activity in which cachers use a GPS receiver to find a "treasure" hidden by other participants. Caches are watertight containers containing items for exchange (mostly inexpensive trinkets) and a logbook in which the finder records their discovery of the cache. The coordinates of the cache's location are stored in online databases such as, along with the description and instructions necessary to find it.

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  • (01-06-2018) United Kingdom (UK) > Cornwall and Isles of Scilly
    Star Spacebat:

    Mrs Spacebat & I were staying for a few nights in Blisland and had been out for the day. Mrs S opted to stay in for a while before we went out for dinner, so I set off, not really knowing what terrain to expect, to find this cache!!! Parked at Pendrift as it is just up the road from Blisland. Once at the bottom of the hill, on the valley floor, I could see that the cache was back up at the top of the hill. I tried taking a short cut, by heading into the trees, only to be confronted by load of huge rocks! Not a good idea to try climbing up those.

    Heading round the hill a bit further, I soon found the path that led up the hill. However, it went nowhere to GZ, so I had to follow animal tracks to the rocks at the top. Finally, finding the cache iteslf was a doddle, as I went straight to it, signed the log and headed back down, across the valley and up again to the car at Pendrift. Phew, that was a bit of a slog, but well worth it. And mine is the first log this year. Will there be any more, I wonder?

    T4TC, Spacebat

    P.S. Saw a light-brown rabbit on the way back up.