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Geocaching is an outdoor sport or activity in which cachers use a GPS receiver to find a "treasure" hidden by other participants. Caches are watertight containers containing items for exchange (mostly inexpensive trinkets) and a logbook in which the finder records their discovery of the cache. The coordinates of the cache's location are stored in online databases such as, along with the description and instructions necessary to find it.

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North Dartmoor Geopath
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  • (01-11-2021) United Kingdom (UK) > Devon
    Star dixie_gooner:

    Myself and NSCR had a rare free day together and had decided to head out on to the Moor. Deciding where to go is always difficult. Dartmoor Dave suggested his new series which mainly comprises of open caches. That series is 13 miles long, today I walked 14 miles and only made a small dent in it before we decided to call it a day due to the weather.


    We both like a moving cache and try to move them when we can.  It doesn't always work.  However today we had plenty of opportunity, so picked it up and took it with us.  NSCR did the admin side as he is quicker than me.