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Hare it is ! - OK0403
A small cache along a pleasant arable field walk,
Eigenaar: hal an tow
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Hoogte: 104 meter NAP
 Provincie: Verenigd Koninkrijk > Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire
Cache soort: Traditionele Cache
Grootte: Klein
Status: Kan gezocht worden
Geplaatst op: 02-06-2017
Gemaakt op: 02-06-2017
Gepubliceerd op: 02-06-2017
Laatste verandering: 02-06-2017
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watchers 0 Volgers
20 x Bekeken
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Beoordeeld als: goed
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Bring your children  Look out for thorns  Listed on Opencaching only 

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Beschrijving EN


My second opencache in the area , this one is a camo painted 450ml clipbox which when placed was packed with child friendly swaps.

A circular ramble from the suggested parking taking in both caches would be around 3.3km (2 miles) The paths are clear on the ground but without marker posts so a map may be helpful.

Old Mere/Mere Lane can be extremely muddy in wet weather (as the name suggests)

It is an ancient track, forming the parish boundary and already old when according to W.G. Hoskins :

"In 1706-7 the Old Mere, which would have been a  wide,grassy track, unhedged and taking up much valuable space, was apparently brought into use as part of the fields. But "it is agreed upon by nighbors before the mere was divided that no man shall either plow or dike any part of the mere". It was to be left as pasturage and was to be equitably used by all who had rights of common.

And every year, on Rogation Monday, the Wigston church-wardens, with some of the parishioners, made a holiday and with spades cleaned out the large holes along the middle of the mere which marked the exact boundary between the parishes of Newton Harcourt and Wigston Magna. "


Extra waypoints
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Parkeerplaats --- Parking for several cars on the southbound side of Newton Lane
Extra hints
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