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difficulty terrain
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A Fine Pair # 759 - Brook - OK043F
Owner: Ochico
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altitude Altitude: 0 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Devon
type Cache type: Multicache
size Size: Micro
status Status: Archived
hidden Date hidden: 27-01-2018
creation-date Date created: 27-01-2018
published-date Date published: 27-01-2018
last-mod Last modification: 29-01-2018
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description Description EN

Number 759 in a series of caches where a red telephone box is in close proximity to a post box.

The only rules are that they have to be able to be photographed together, be not more than 100' apart and the phone boxes are to be red.

At the headline co-ordinates go to the phone box and replace the numbers with letters. 01822 ABCDEF

N50 31 (F-E-D) (B+C+D) F

W004 04 (A-C) B (B+E-C)

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