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TP5704, Ticknall - OK0014
Owner: The Web Rat
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altitude Altitude: 126 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Derbyshire and Nottinghamshire
type Cache type: Multicache
size Size: Regular
status Status: Archived
hidden Date hidden: 18-08-2009
creation-date Date created: 18-08-2009
last-mod Last modification: 08-02-2010
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This muti-cache is located along a bridleway in between the villages of Ticknall and Melbourne. The nearby road is very busy and parking is limited however room is available for about 2-3 cars.

This is just a small multi, all you need to do is visit the trigpoint to collect the relevant information - this will give you the info needed to find the final which is just a little further down the track.

As you would expect from this type of location the short walk offers excellent views of the local area. The cache itself is the usual clip lock type tupperware container with the usual bits - the final location location could cause issue for even the tallest of people so the less adventurous may need to bring something to on stand on just in case

Stage 1 (N52 49.286 - W001 27.660)
Find the trigpoint and note down the year in which the sign was placed.

Stage 2 (Final)
To find the final coordinates work out the following:

A = The year taken from the trigpoint minus 1661

N52 49.A
001 27.(A + 504)

Many thanks to uk89camaro for helping me to place this cache - Good luck and don't forget to log the trigpoint.


The owner of this cache is a proud emCache member
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