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BBC1 - OK0132
Binfield Bicycle Circuit 1
Owner: sandvika
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altitude Altitude: 47 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire
type Cache type: Traditional
size Size: Small
status Status: Archived
hidden Date hidden: 11-04-2010
creation-date Date created: 11-04-2010
published-date Date published: 11-04-2010
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This is the first cache in the Binfield Bridle Bicycle Circuit series of 26 caches.

This cache ring was placed for the The 6th Binfield Bank Holiday Cache Bash (2010).

This is an all-weather all-year cache circuit - there is only one stretch (far western side) that was muddy when I placed the caches, which is a bridle path lying in Wokingham Borough that has not been maintained. The remainder of the bridle paths are in Bracknell Forest Borough and are maintained to a good or excellent standard.

The intention of this series is that you should cycle around it, one of the less common and much under-rated forms of cacher transport.

As a lot of the caches are on byways or minor roads it is unfortunately possible to drive around quite a lot of the circuit. This would be such a shame as the area really is very attractive and the route is mostly rural - it should be appreciated at a much slower pace. If you cannot cycle or go on horseback then please walk to maximise your enjoyment. Distances are approximately 6.1Km on bridleway or restricted byway; 8.6Km on byway or very minor road; 1.7Km on other road.

Cachers have been taking a wrong turn! When you reach the A3095 after BBC6 cross over it and take the bridleway "Hawthorndale Lane" on the left that runs parallel to the A3095.

To discourage you from doing the series as drive-bys, the circuit has been set as a chain of caches so they will have to be done in order. The only coordinates provided at the outset are for BBC1 and BBC2, all the other cache coordinates are provided on laminated notes inside the caches. BBC3 to BBC25 are therefore Offset Caches which is a sub-type of Multi-cache. All coordinates are provided in at least two caches, so a DNF does not mean the end of the series!

BBC26 is a series bonus. You'll be able to deduce the coordinates for it by finding most of the other caches on the circuit. This sheet will help.

BBC27 is the odd one out - a moving cache. When you find it, move it along the circuit and hide it somewhere else. Log the new coordinates with your find.

This map shows the route in detail and gives the published coordinates of the caches which is no more than a rough indication of where the caches are actually hidden:
Click for full size image

If you have Google Earth, there is also a KMZ file of the circuit.

I hope you enjoy your visit to rural Berkshire. To maximise your enjoyment and minimise discomfort please wear long trousers and bring gloves - nettles have appeared as if by magic since I placed the caches.

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