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The Legend of the Lost Cachers - part II - OK00CC
Owner: sandvika
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Altitude: 90 m. ASL.
 Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Large
Status: Archived
Time required: 6:30 h    Distance to travel: n/a
Date hidden: 01-04-2009
Date created: 24-01-2010
Date published: 24-01-2010
Last modification: 16-09-2015
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Cache attributes

Long walk / hike  Swamp, marsh or wading  Available during winter  Parking nearby  Flashlight required  Field Puzzle / Mystery  Nightcache - can be found only at night  Listed on Opencaching only  All seasons  Password needed to post log entry! 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

In the Legend of the Lost Cachers it is said that there are cachers lost in the depths of Swinley Forest.

Some believe they made the mistake of venturing within in darkness and became disoriented when their trusty GPS receivers lost their bearings under the tree cover, becoming completely lost when their batteries were depleted.

Others, less charitable, believe that they are still seeking the two and twenty caches placed by The Lord, remaining clueless without clues, too ashamed to emerge defeated.

Yet others believe that the cachers were actually in search of The Lord himself and were literally petrified by fear when they encountered the Angel of Darkness ... Satan himself.

This cache gives you the chance to solve the puzzle: Proving or disproving the Legend of the Lost Cachers.

Of course, the cache is a night cache, since that's when the Lost Cachers are said to pace the woods.

Of course, the cache is not at the published coordinates.

However, they are the only coordinates we know of.

This OpenCache is inside OK0043 of the same name, but of course there's a twist to make this OC only cache more challenging. This cache was formerly listed on Please use the same cache confirmation code as your log password. There's no need to cross any fences, find the way round! Wear mosquito repellant! You WILL probably hate me at some point during your quest so take my number so you can PAFF (Phone a Former Friend)! The terrain is no exaggeration. Seriously. Don't go alone. Expect this cache to take ages and leave you exhausted. Perhaps Lost.

On your way, remember it is a puzzle and you can not solve it at home.

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