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Red Kite - OK00CF
Owner: sandvika
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Altitude: 122 m. ASL.
 Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Large
Status: Archived
Time required: 1:00 h    Distance to travel: 1.88 km
Date hidden: 23-02-2009
Date created: 24-01-2010
Date published: 24-01-2010
Last modification: 29-12-2021
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0x Not found
2 notes
watchers 1 watchers
13 visitors
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This cache is recommended by: Birding Bob
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Cache attributes

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Description EN

This cache takes you to a beautiful spot in the Chiltern Hills in Oxfordshire where you can see Red Kites in abundance and take in wide views of the countryside. These stunningly beautiful majestic birds were driven to extinction in England by human persecution by the end of the nineteenth century. They have relatively recently been reintroduced to the Chilterns and have been hugely successful, breeding well and spreading further afield. The Red Kite reintroduction has proved to be one of the greatest conservation success stories of the 20th century.

Without a doubt, they are my favourite native British species of bird and this cache gives me the opportunity to share them with you. Bring your binoculars, your camera and your telephoto lens.


The starting coordinates for this cache are the recommended parking for the walk. From here project a waypoint at 350 metres on a bearing of 70 degrees. This is on the footpath where it emerges above the tree line. The footpath from the parking area follows practically a straight line on this bearing and starts climbing pretty much immediately. There are other footpaths in the area so if you find yourself on a different bearing, not ascending, you have taken the wrong path!

Continue along this path beyond your waypoint until you get to the ridge, where the views open up in all directions. Then walk along the ridge in an Easterly direction to approach the cache.

You may get your first glimpse of the Red Kites as soon as you emerge from the trees. By the time you've reached the ridge, you should have seen a few, quite possibly soaring directly overhead.


To find the cache, you will need to do a little research and answer the following questions:

Red Kites were reintroduced to the Chilterns from 19AB.

For C: They were reintroduced to the Chilterns from:

0 - Wales
3 - Scotland
6 - Spain
9 - France

Adult Red Kites are between D0 and D5 centimetres long.

Adult Red Kites have a wingspan of up to 1E0 centimentres.

Red Kites may live up to F0 years.

The cache is hidden at N51° 37.(D-C)(A-F)C W1° 01.(B-E)D(A-C)

The cache is a large ammo box with good swaps. Please trade up to keep this cache attractive. As it is such a large cache you'll only need the clue to verify if it is missing.


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