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Open Sesame: The Quest for Aladdin's Lamp - OK0234 Cache of month
A challenging quest!
Owner: abanazar
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Altitude: 45 m. ASL.
 Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol/Bath area
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Regular
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 01-07-2011
Date created: 29-06-2011
Date published: 29-06-2011
Last modification: 26-03-2022
14x Found
0x Not found
16 notes
watchers 9 watchers
34 visitors
13 x rated
Rated as: Excellent
2 x recommended
This cache is recommended by: Amberel, Woking Wonders
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Cache attributes

Some climbing (no gear needed)  Abandoned mines  Cliffs / rocks  Flashlight required  Special tool required  Listed on Opencaching only  Hilly area  Cave equipment required 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

There is nothing to find at the posted coordinates. It's a Puzzle, so you will have to work out where to go and what to do!

This Quest is not quite as involved as one might be, for example, to find an old glove, but it does involve more than one stage and a little travelling; and Aladdin's Cave is not as treacherous as, for example, a journey through the circles of hell, but there is a requirement for some underground exertion. So, you will need to be well prepared and have your wits about you to find Aladdin's Lamp.

What's in a username? Mine was randomly chosen after watching the pantomime Aladdin. Abanazar is of course the wicked wizard! I find Aladdin a slightly muddled story: a mixture of Middle East and Far East. But it does involve adventure, magic, mystery, treasure, a lamp ... and caves! Can you see where this is leading?

... after studying

Small Print


This cache involves a bit of underground adventure. Although Aladdin's Cave is somewhat less of a physical challenge than some other caves that I've tried to tempt you down, all such adventure should be carried out with proper preparation, so I include some of my standard cave-cache guidance.


You should not attempt this cache alone. You should let a support contact know where you are going and how long you are going to be. Your support contact should be familiar with how to get in touch with Cave Rescue (999), if you exceed your time, and should know the coordinates of the cave entrance, the size of your group, where you are parking etc. I do not think that you should be underground for more than half an hour at any stage on this adventure, but please be careful and look after yourselves.


For this cache, at various stages you will need some or all of:

  • Helmet;
  • Headtorch;
  • Spare torch and batteries;
  • Magic wand (aka UV torch/lamp);
  • Overalls or old clothes, and possibly gloves;
  • Wellies or well-treaded boots;
  • Knee protection may ease any crawling!
  • Magnetic compass;
  • And don't forget to take some trades for the final cache!

Given the dark surroundings of some of this Quest, it is possible that you might see the odd bat (although I haven't met any here myself). Remember that it is illegal to intentionally or recklessly disturb a roosting bat, so please avoid all interaction, including lights and cameras, should you see one.


The intention is that this Quest is accessible to a wider range of adventurers than the two more extreme underground challenges that I have set on GC in recent months, although only you will be able to assess your own party's capabilities. As a guide, the final cache was set in the company of the Sorcerer's #2 Apprentice (8). He was unaided and claimed it to be "quite easy"; however, it should be noted that (a) his size is well suited to narrow gaps, and (b) he explores places like this quite often.

Semi-Residential Geocoin (August 2011)

Amberel kindly custom-made one of his Top Cache geocoins for this cache. It is called Aladdin's Lamp and is trackable on its webpage. I have chosen to keep it as a SEMI-RESIDENTIAL geocoin within the cache itself. What does this mean? At all times, there is a laminated copy of the Aladdin's Lamp geocoin within the cache; please don't remove it as it wants to be discovered, but does not wish to travel. Furthermore, if I am given a little notice (you don't need to be too specific!) I will happily leave the geocoin itself for discovery in the cache for a couple of weeks at a time; I would just rather not leave it there permanently.