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difficulty terrain
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There and Back Again - OK0316
Owner: abanazar
compass Please log in to see the coordinates.
altitude Altitude: 67 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Gloucestershire, Wiltshire and Bristol/Bath area
type Cache type: Puzzle
size Size: Regular
status Status: Temporarily unavailable
hidden Date hidden: 21-07-2013
creation-date Date created: 16-06-2013
published-date Date published: 21-07-2013
last-mod Last modification: 24-09-2018
Found 10x Found
Not found 2x Not found
Note 9 notes
watchers 9 watchers
visits 7 visitors
votes 9 x rated
score Rated as: Excellent
recommended 2 x recommended
This cache is recommended by: Amberel, sandvika
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attributes Cache attributes

Listed on Opencaching only  Dangerous area  Cliffs / rocks  Abandoned mines  Long walk / hike  Some climbing (no gear needed)  Point of interest  Special tool required  Compass required  Cave equipment required  Flashlight required  Field Puzzle / Mystery 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article. link
description Description EN


"Burglar wants a good job, plenty of Excitement and reasonable Reward, that's how it is usually read. You can say Expert Treasure-hunter instead of Burglar if you like."