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The Beast of Hoghole Lane - OK03B6
The legend of the beast......and an ammocan!
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This is a story told to me when I was researching reports of ghosts, hauntings and folklore in the local area.


The Beast of Hoghole Lane

A couple of years ago, I was in a relationship with a girl and as we both lived with our parents, we found it hard to get time together alone. Getting time together with no-one else around would usually involve driving somewhere and parking up, or going to a pub somewhere out of the way.

One night, we had parked up in a lane in Lamberhurst. It's quite a dark road, the street lights are few and far between and the further you drive down it, the darker it gets. When we stopped here, it was the beginning of December and the winter night had drawn in early, but due to the lack of clouds in the sky, the road was illuminated by the moon with its eerie glow.

We were just chatting in the car and enjoying each other's company, the interior was illuminated by the glow of the radio and dashboard. Although it was a cold night, we had the windows open a little bit to prevent them from steaming up (not that we were doing anything like that!). I was in the driving seat, Amy was in the passengers seat and we were sat facing each other with our backs to the car doors. The car itself was parked on the right hand side of the road as there was a parking or passing spot in the lane, so basically facing oncoming traffic, not that there was any.

Above the sound of the radio, we could hear the creaking of the trees and the blowing of the wind through the branches and whatever leaves remained on the trees. So at this point, it was just noises you would normally expect to hear when you are parked next to some woods.

After we had been there for a while, from behind me deep in the woods, I could just make out some noises which were out of place. It started with distant crunching of leaves. By this time of the year, the trees had mostly shed their leaves and whatever was left, were dropping. As it hadn't rained for a while, the leaves were dry and would crunch and break apart when you walked on them. This was the sound I was starting to hear; a crunch, crunch noise which sounded like someone walking around in the woods, treading on the dried leaves. It seemed as though it was a distance away but it was still quite distinctive. I looked over my shoulder into the woods and couldn't see anything; when I looked back, Amy was looking as well; she'd obviously heard the noise too.

We sat there for a while listening, when Amy broke the silence by saying, "It sounds like an animal walking around out there". I agreed and said, "It's probably a badger or a fox, would you like to stay or shall we make a move?" Amy wanted to stay so we continued listening and making suggestions of what the animal could be.

After a couple of minutes, the noises seemed to be getting closer, we looked out of the window again to see if we could see anything in the dark woods. All of a sudden, Amy looked startled and whispered, "look over there by that big tree, I think I saw something move". I looked over and to start with, couldn't see anything because the moonlight didn't permeate into the woods very well. Due to the dashboard lights, my eyes hadn't adjusted very well to the darkness, so I switched off the car completely, closed my eyes for a moment to get them accustomed to the complete darkness and looked into the woods in the direction of the big oak tree.

At first, all I could see were grey tree trunks, shadows jumping about from where the trees were swaying and that was pretty much it. The crunching noises had stopped and I was starting to think it was nothing other than our over active imaginations. Then a shaped moved away from the tree, completely black, darker than the blackness of the wood; it moved around the tree and behind another. The crunching sounds had started again, somewhat faster this time, but also accompanied with what sounded like an echo of wood hitting wood. Based on the sounds and the direction the shape had moved, it was clear whatever the thing was, it was heading towards the lane somewhere in front of the car.

Although the combination of moonlight, darkness, shapes moving about and strange noises spooked us, we both agreed it was probably a deer; the shape was definitely larger than a badger and certainly not a fox. We sat in silence as we saw about 100 yards up the lane, the thing stepped out onto the tarmac with a "clip clop", sounding very much like horses hooves would. It definitely wasn't a deer. I would describe it as a 'beast', and although it was dark, we still got a good look thanks to the moonlight.

It was upright, on its hind legs, I didn't get a very good look at its feet, so I can't say for certain what caused the "clip clop" noise. Its legs were skinny and it was hunched over. It seemed to have a large hunch around its shoulders; the chest was huge and tapered down into a very skinny waist. It wasn't a human face; it was more like a dog with what I thought were large ears sticking upright. It didn't have a tail that I could see and it seemed to have some sort of fur over its body.

It started to cross the lane to enter the wooded area on the other side but about half way across it came to a stop and slowly turned its head to face us. I don't know whether it was the visual remnants of looking at the lights from the dashboard, but I swear to god its eyes burned red. It sounds ridiculous and like something you'd see in a horror movie, but both Amy and I saw it.

It stood there looking at us and we sat in the car looking back into what can only be described as a vision from hell. Its mouth opened in what I believe was a grin and with that, it turned its head and continued across the lane and over into the field. I didn't hang about, as soon as it was out of sight I started the car and floored it up the lane. Amy was in tears and took some time to calm down; I was shaking and I think we were both in shock of what we saw.

We've never told anyone else this story, I've always thought it sounds to crazy for anyone to believe us, but there's been some other stories in the news of weird creatures being spotted in the surrounding areas so maybe my story isn't so far-fetched after all.

The cache itself is a average sized ammo can with some swaps. The log is hanging around the neck of the beast, so mind your fingers!

Please note, the beast is not swag! Please leave him in the cache

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