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Bofors Light Anti Aircraft Gun Tower - OK03E1
One of only three in thecountry
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The Bofors Light Anti Aircraft Gun Tower is one of only three examples recorded o airfields nationally. The others are at Brooklands and Weston Super Mare.


The concrete and brick built tower appears to conform to type DFW 55087, which was designed at the end of 1939, with the earliest examples constructed during the last half of 1940. The tower was designed to raise a 40mm Bofors gun and its operational equipment, above surrounding obstacles in order to achieve and all-round field of fire in defending the airfield from attacks by fast moving, low flying enemy aircraft.


The tower stands to a height of about 20m and consists of two parallel, independent structures, separated for much of their height by a 1m gap and linked at intervals by cantilevered concrete bridges to allow movement between the towers. At ground level, the gap functioned as a passageway, providing access to the chambers on either side. The combined structure measures 9m from north to south by 4m east to west, and each tower was constructed on 4 levels; three internal levels contained the magazine and accommodation chambers, lit by two vertical windows.The emplacement was located on the flat concrete roof, which projects beyond the brick walls of the tower and was reached via a ladder from the chamber below. The ordinance was centrally mounted on the roof of the northern tower  and was served by ammunition lockers at each corner of the roof space. The roof of the southern tower supported the target predictor and was separated  from the gun platform by a narrow intervening gap, above the passage below, to insulate this sensitive equipment from the vibration of the Bofors gun.


Onto the cache; there is no need to venture within the fence around the gun emplacement - this is private property. You are looking for a small green box attached to a tree. There is a geocache within the vicinity, but this Opencache is set further away to prevent confusion between them.


Please be aware security patrol the whole of Kings Hill, so be aware of your surroundings. The area can get quite overgrown with brambles in the summer and slippery in the winter!


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