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difficulty terrain
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Underground Freak-out music - OK03E8
Down a denehole
Owner: Heartstones1
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altitude Altitude: 59 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Outer London - East and North East
type Cache type: Traditional
size Size: Small
status Status: Ready to be found
time Time required: 1:00 h    wayTo Distance to travel: 0.80 km
hidden Date hidden: 19-03-2017
creation-date Date created: 19-03-2017
last-mod Last modification: 21-03-2017
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Listed on Opencaching only  Available 24/7  Climbing gear required  Flashlight required 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article. link
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The cache is in a denehole.

You will need climbing equipment, a headtorch, and ideally a helmet and upside buddy, to do this.

It is  recommended not to do this in wet or icy conditions as you need to skirt around the edge of a denehole with 10m drop.

The suggested descent point is on the bridlepath side.

I suggested you attach to the upper end of the obvious man-made anchors to make getting in and out of the denehole easier.

You are looking for a white-lidded 90ml container. It should be over head height.

As with many of my more extreme hides the title is a Frank Zappa song title.

The closest parking is on Old Maidstone Road, southwest of the cache then follow the footpath down the side of the cafe/farm shop. Alternatively, park at the corner of Parsonage Lane and cocksure Lane north of the cache.

There are a number of Groundspeak listed T5 climbing caches in this wood.

Youtube of the song (optional !)

Cheeky chimp
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