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Nevill Park Coin - OK03EA
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Nevill Park is a large area of open ground with trees, wooded space, open space and a fishing lake. The lake is free to use by all members of the community. The park includes an adventure playground to the south and a climbing frame to the north and two sets of football posts. There is also a teen shelter and a footpath running around the perimeter.


The cache is not at the posted co-ordinates, instead you will find a stone and the Nevill park coin. To find the cache you will need to use information to work out where GZ is.


On the coin, there are two words and a date in the centre.




A = 1st word in centre


B = 2nd word in centre


CDEF = year in centre




N51 19. ( C + F ) ( A – F ) ( B – E )


E000 26. ( A – C ) ( B + E ) ( E – D )

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