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West Malling Ghost Walk - OK03ED
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location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Kent
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Parking nearby  Public restrooms nearby  Available 24/7  All seasons  Field Puzzle / Mystery 

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Think Pluckley is the most haunted village in Kent? Think again!

On this short walk through the High Street you'll learn about some of the many ghosts which inhabit the businesses and homes of this small Kentish village.


Answer the questions to find the cache location, but you’ll need to solve the final puzzle when you get there!

Free parking is available at the first stage and the walk is approximately 600 meters.

To get the most of this walk, use the attached documents which give all the details of the reported hauntings. Then all you need to do is enter into the spirit of the walk, have some fun and be safe if walking at night!


Haunting 1 - High Street Car Park  N51 17.596  E000 24.531

A = how many pay and display ticket machines are there in the car park?


Haunting 2  97 - 99 High Street

B = How many lanterns are there above the front entrance?


Haunting 3  91 High Street

C = There is a large black clock here, with one word at the top. How many characters in the word?


Haunting 4  69 High Street

D = How many of the sash windows have been removed and bricked up in the upper floors?


Haunting 5 53 - 57 High Street

E = On the front of the building by the door there is an iron sign with a five digit number. What is the third digit?


Haunting 6  51 High Street

F = In a small alcove, there is a fragment of the old market cross – how many Saints remain on the fragment?


Haunting 7 36 - 38 High Street

G = How many doors are on this property? Double this number


Haunting 8  22 - 24 High Street

H = how many words are there next to the horse?


Haunting 9  1 High Street

I = how many characters are in the missing word on the pub sign?


Final cache

N51 (A-D) (C-B) . (E+H) (C) (E-F)

E000 (H-F) (I+D). (A x H) (E+G) (B+I)


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