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Lest We Forget #(??) Skirling - OK03FB
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The purpose of the “Lest we forget….” series is to take a moment out of our busy lives to remember those who fell fighting for our country. This series, started by ‘Bearded Zombie’, is exclusive to
Skirling is a parish, community council area and village in Peeblesshire in the Scottish Borders situated 2½ miles east of Biggar in Lanarkshire. Biggar Water, a tributary the River Tweed forms the southern boundary of the parish with the parish of Broughton, Glenholm and Kilbucho. It is also bounded by that parish on the east, namely the Broughton part of it. On the north it is bounded by the parish Kirkurd in Peeblesshire. Spittal Burn forms most of its western boundary with Lanarkshire.

The War Memorial is an impressive stone structure in the middle of the village close to the original site of the village kirk.
In order to claim this virtual cache, you have a number of options to include with your log:
Post a picture of you or your GPSR with the memorial in the background. You do not need to be directly in front of the memorial to take this picture.
Post a picture of part of the memorial that you find interesting (for example, a relief or part of a sculpture).
Pick a name on the memorial, research and share information about the person or their life (after all, this series is all about making sure these people and the lives they lived are not forgotten). Extra kudos & respect for this, but unfortunately no extra points!
It shouldn’t need reminding, but please be respectful while claiming this virtual cache and take a moment to remember those who are named on the memorial.
If you wish to extend this series, please contact Bearded Zombie.

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