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difficulty terrain
This cache does not have any statistics yet
Dark Dark humour of the Neidpath Tunnel - OK0402
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altitude Altitude: 173 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Eastern Scotland
type Cache type: Virtual
size Size: No container
status Status: Ready to be found
time Time required: 0:30 h    wayTo Distance to travel: n/a
hidden Date hidden: 25-05-2017
creation-date Date created: 25-05-2017
published-date Date published: 25-05-2017
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Listed on Opencaching only  Available 24/7  All seasons  Bring your children  Flashlight required 

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description Description EN

This cache is NOT above ground. You will need a good torch to find this cache.

Neidpath Tunnel is about 600m long and is easily walkable. To claim a find you will need to take a photo of yourself, including your face, inside the workers retreat that is carved into the side of the tunnel. It is obvious where this retreat is and the only one in the tunnel.

The tunnel was opened in 1864 and finally closed in 1954. It was used extensively in WW2 and is even rumoured to have housed the Royal Train overnight to protect it from bombs when the King visited Edinburgh. Some locals also say the tunnel is haunted



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