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Cromwell Monument, Naseby Battlefield - OK0421
A monument and good view of the Naseby battlefield
Owner: hal an tow
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Cromwell portrait, 1649

Oliver Cromwell, circa  1649

Parking is available in a well surfaced layby at the start of the short path to the monument, an obelisk in a small fenced enclosure, which has information boards and,a flagpole (usually flying the standard of  Lord Protector Cromwell, actually an anachronism for the battle as that banner was used from 1653 to  '59)

Plenty of information is given on the boards here, essentially as you look north , the hill before you is where the Royalists collected, the gentle rise behind you held  the massed Parliamentarians, ( forming a front about 2 miles/3.2 km long),  numbering roughly double the Royalist strength of 7400.

That gentle, peaceful, open valley before you was the site of the bloody and decisive battle where, statring around 10am on June 14th 1645, the size, discipline and training of Fairfax' New Model Army changed the course of British history.


Around 1400 soldiers were killed or severely wounded here on that day.


In the aftermath of battle bloody skirmishes took place as the Royalists retreated, and  it is said that 5000 Royalists were captured alive.  King Charles' force was effectively finished and he fled north.

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:look  at the obelisk inscription, and note the single word between "decided the" and "of the"



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