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difficulty terrain
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Walk in the Woods - OK0430
A Traditional cache within the woods
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altitude Altitude: 91 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Devon
type Cache type: Traditional
size Size: Small
status Status: Ready to be found
hidden Date hidden: 29-12-2017
creation-date Date created: 29-12-2017
published-date Date published: 29-12-2017
last-mod Last modification: 29-12-2017
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description Description EN

A Traditional cache, placed within Scanniclift Copse.

Parts of the woods can get very muddy, and is hilly in places, with very steep drops, so do take care.

As this cache has been placed in a Nature Reserve, please do not leave the defined footpath.  The cache can be retrieved from the footpath.  Please ensure it is fully covered with the natural camoflauge before leaving.

There is a resonable distance to walk for this cache through the woodland.

About Scanniclift Copse

Scanniclift is a place to encounter the sights and sounds of a woodland, and also the smells: in spring the reserve is filled with colours and scents from flowers such as bluebells, bugle, wood anemone, woodruff, wood spurge, wild garlic and pignut. 

More unusual plants recorded here include bastard balm, toothwort and bird's-nest orchid. The site is also special for rare beetles and other invertebrates which live in dead and rotting wood. Dead standing trees are purposely retained for the habitats they provide and create: natural windblow helps form glades and wet wood flushes.

The cache has been placed with the kind permission of Devon Wildlife Trust.


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