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Hare Pie - OK0431
Hare Pie New Year 2018 !
Owner: hal an tow
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Altitude: 118 m. ASL.
 Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Small
Status: Ready to be found
Date hidden: 01-01-2018
Date created: 29-12-2017
Date published: 01-01-2018
Last modification: 01-01-2018
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Cache attributes

Listed on Opencaching only  Point of interest  Available 24/7  Available during winter 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

Cache is not at the given co-ordinates, solve the puzzle to find the true location,

which is a short but possibly muddy walk away.
Hare Pie New Year !

Oh stop groaning it may be a terrible pun, but for a change, it's also an easy peasy,

straightforward, research type puzzle, and not part of a series.There's even a checker !
Easy as pie, actually.

Durer's hare
I went to look for for the not-very-far-away GS cache on the winter solstice, and thought there should be more information provided to do this interesting area better justice, so here goes.
The field marked on the OS map as Hare Pie Bank near the dummy co-ordinates (which are also a handy place to park)  is a scene of frantic activity for one day a year around Easter, at which time  hunting any nearby cache, let alone this one, would be very unwise ! On that day the locals enact a tradition which has taken place for at least 200 years, and may be based on far older rituals. Beer and inter village rivalry figure largely in the day, as well as the kind of 'sport' which would have Americans swaddled in head to toe state of the art armour, done here by Brit.s in old clothes and the odd rugby shirt ... makes you proud , eh ?

Plenty of contemporary information on the annual event can be found in the usual corners of the internet to solve the puzzle below, but this is a brief account of a  fascinating discovery by a group of local archaeology enthusiasts which gives a tantalising glimpse of some far more ancient Hare Pie Bank area history.

Now to the puzzle: the cache can be found at

N 52 33.ABC W 000 50.DEF


A= The total number of 'bottles' used .
BXXX= The year when the game was suspended for agricultural reasons.
C= The number of letters in the name of the competing village with the buttercross in it.
D= The number of letters in the word which describes the monetary value of each loaf (singular)
XEXX= The year when legend says the game was nearly cancelled for religious reasons.
F= The number of letters in the day of the week when the hare pie is distributed.


The owner of this cache allows you to check if you have the correct solution to the puzzle (final cache coordinates). You can do this before you go cache hunting!
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