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 Log entries 2018 Dartmoor Challenge Bonus    {{found}} 11x {{not_found}} 0x {{log_note}} 0x  

6453 2022-09-18 08:43 ed-don (user activity147) - Found it

My last cache of the day on a circular walk via the East Dart, Ladehill Outcrop, Grey Wethers and Stannon Tor. From my notes on GC dot com I had three of the four pieces of information I required. This gave me a north and a south limit and I was going to try walking along a line in the hope I spotted the hide. A chance look at the related opencache revealed the piece of information I was missing and this meant I could avoid all the gorse and bog in this area to go straight to the hide.

5321 2019-08-01 00:00 OC Team - OC Team comment

Cache of month Hello Dartmoor Dave!

I'm pleased to inform you that your cache became: Cache of the month


OC Team

5318 2019-07-28 15:02 dave.johnson (user activity268) - Found it

I have had this one on my "to do list" for such a long time.. its location never fitted in to any of my planned walks. However today I purposely designed the walk to take in this one.. enjoyed exploring the nearby building... not somewhere I have looked at close up before. TFTC and series..

5397 2019-07-01 09:59 windrush cache hunter (user activity97) - Found it

Found with BB after avoiding the gorse on the way,! We managed to find a better way back.  I've not been on this part of the moor so thanks for drawing me out here and for the cache. 

4787 2018-08-31 09:43 Ochico (user activity84) - Found it

Collected the information did the sum and a walk this way for the bonus. Only a couple of ponies in the gorse hereabouts today. Found quickly TFTC.

5194 2018-04-05 18:30 recommendation Broyleboxers (user activity121) - Found it

Having collected the four feeder caches over the last few days Mr Bb wanted to complete this Challenge before we ran out of days on our current visit to Dartmoor.

Parked in a suitable spot late in the afternoon and Mr Bb took a brisk walk to the final co-ordinates where the cache was soon in hand.

Apologies for the very late log - making a determined effort to rectify our lax logging on Opencaches.

TFTC and the mini-series

4398 2018-01-14 17:56 wanderingwillies (user activity95) - Found it

Having picked up all the feeder caches, did this one on our way home. Nice quick find thanks.

4345 2018-01-01 19:49 Truffelites (user activity9) - Found it

We crunched the numbers and headed of to this one. Seemed a bit wrong to us but we persevered through the hailstorms to reach GZ and there was the box. Phew. Had to wade through a few bogs to get to it and as there was no sign of any tracks back we waded through the bogs again. Finally made it to the Cream Tea party albeit a tad late. Thanks for this series Dave a most enjoyable day out. 

4352 2018-01-01 18:51 ChudleighTraveller (user activity32) - Found it

Joint FTF with Angelaobscura and heartradio

Well this was quite an adventure on New Years Day.  We spent a few hours walking across different areas of Dartmoor visiting the various feeder caches in order to obtain the relevant information for this cache.  Once we had the info, we discussed the location and headed to our selected place to park.  The temperature had definitely dropped slightly and it was rather chilly, so a brisk walk was needed in order to warm up.  Soon enough we found ourselves walking down a little stream, there has been an awful lot of surface water around today, although not surprising given the amount of rain we've had.  Then we went through some boggy stuff, followed by finding a way around all that gorse.  After some smart navigating we were at GZ, well I wasn't I was about 20 metres behind, but heartradio had already found the container.  We were greeted by our fifth and final blank log book of the day which we were very pleased with.  Thanks very much Dartmoor Dave for placing the 2018 Dartmoor Challenge, it's been so much fun, and enjoyed the various different places that was visited today, and of course the company today was excellent as always adding to the very enjoyable experience.



4365 2018-01-01 15:00 wheelybarrow (user activity10) - Found it

Found in the company of The Caching Corgis and Evil Beagles.  Weren't even totally sure earlier in the week if we would be attending the event due to Mrs W having the lurgy and the weather that was forecast - however Mrs W was awake first and busy looking to see where the new caches were.  Decision was made that we were going and were going after them - after having a leisurely breakfast first.  Having done all the others in the series we were determined to finish this one today - it was hard though as we drove past the event venue and saw lights on and cars parked outside.  Parked up at the closest parking and once more set out into the rain and hail.  It was a long, lonely. muddy path for Mr W and his faithful companion on the way to this one, but spurred on by the thought of one of the famous Cream teas they persevered (and hoped that Dave wouldn't have sold the pre-booked ones before we got to the event!)  

Thanks for another great little series - what happened with the weather order though this year - was actually half decent.

4371 2018-01-01 13:25 Angelaobscura (user activity13) - Found it

Joint FTF with heartradio and ChudleighTraveller 


After finding all the feeder caches we had plenty of time to make our way here, we stopped for a quick visit to the CO in passing and confirmed our coordinates were indeed correct. Then we headed off in freezing cold wind, I can certainly understand how people submit to wind exposure! Luckily we were all well dressed and I snuggled my Devon Mega hoodie tight around my face for protection. An easy walk to the stile but a less friendly path followed. We made our way aiming towards the end of the rainbow and our final cache find. It was a bit wet and rocky at times and that wind was persistent but we made it to the final resting place eventually where the cache was in the first place that was searched. Many thanks for a great challenge again this year. Thoroughly enjoyed myself laughing

4358 2018-01-01 13:25 recommendation heartradio (user activity48) - Found it

laughinglaughinglaughingFTFlaughinglaughinglaughing at 1:25pm with Angelaobscura and ChudleighTraveller


When the weather was bad, we didn't falter
When the tors were high, we still believed
When the valley was low, it didn't stop us, no no
We knew you were waiting.
We knew you were waiting for us

And there we have it - George Michael, with a couple of adaptations, sums up our day. wink But I can't just leave it at that - more must be said about our adventures today. Clearly we knew that it would be quite a challenge indeed but this morning when the locations were released, it didn't look infeasible. We planned the route out and kept going, and I think it took us less time than we anticipated to get round the caches; they were all fairly easy to locate once we arrived at GZ, which was a relief today. After Hart Tor we calculated our coordinates, and were not entirely sure they were correct, so we popped by at the Cherrybrook to check with the CO and he confirmed that they were indeed correct and gave us some directions for the walk. We parked up and headed off towards GZ: as we crested a hill, the most majestic, most aesthetically pleasing of all the meteorological events we've encountered today formed before us - a rainbow. And on this occasion, myth became fact by means of a metaphor: it's said there's a pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, and while that was not literally true, this cache was more or less at the end, and it's our metaphorical pot of gold. There was a bit more walking to do first, however, and this proved difficult as the path was very wet, it would have passed for a stream! Eventually however, we arrived at GZ and I uncovered the Holy Grail of the Day - this box. laughing We were delighted to sign ourselves in as FTF on the final of this epic challenge, and for one I am surprised we did not have much in the way of competition. Thanks goes to Dave for setting up the Challenge for today, I will award my coveted 'Recommendation' to this cache on behalf of this series - rare as unicorn poo they are wink