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4982 2019-01-08 15:00 MuzzaDazzler (user activity9) - Found it

Again just discovering cross listed. 


This was our first cache of the day.  Most ate their lunch whilst dizzy and wizbit set ropes.  A couple of ovstacles proved a little troublesome with my roperunner but i got by as wizbitsat number crunching in the tree. 


No real issues here and a lovely climb and start to our day.  TFTC. 

4961 2019-01-08 12:52 Amberel (user activity552) - Found it

A great day out with the gang, for some caches up in the air and some caches down in the ground . First one of the day here, quite straightforward to get set up. I seemed to be a bit out of condition as my arms and legs ached a bit when I got back down, which normally isn't the case - too much Christmas Pudding I suspect .

A TOP CACHE coin for the coin (visit link for details).

Thanks for the cache,

Rgds, Andy

4834 2018-10-07 08:35 Dylan burgess (user activity17) - Found it

Brilliant, just realised this too is an opencache.
So, another opencache ftf on top of a geocache ftf.
After doing the warm up tree, me and Andy left jules and Tony to finish off their climbs and we headed to this beast of an oak.
We knew straight away we were gonna have serious throwline issues!
Andy manged at one point to get both ends of throwline and a rescue rope jammed, this resulted in some dead branch pruning requirements.
After some lengthy time we opted for getting a line a lot lower down than the cache.
Rope up, I headed up. I then treated the final 20 or so feet as a climb, Tony belayed me, and I climbed to the cache placing slings as protection. It made the ascent far more exciting and I fully enjoyed it, getting at long last to the large cache feeling pretty chuffed.
I re set the rope so the guys could climb straight up using their srt gear, I then dropped down the cache for signings, but, amazingly I managed to get it wedged in branches down below and to my right, aargh. I tried to throw a few dead branches at it to knock it off its perch but these just wedged it further into its stance.
Abseiled down and swung across, with a sling and karabiner finally knocked cache down for the guys, then descended down into the sunshine which by now had dried the dew in the field making the area pleasantly warm.
I've done far far easier 5/5s, so this fits its dt to me.
Had a brilliant time, and enjoyed watching the guys follow up. Great cache Mr Swindon Leys, looking forward to many more.

4828 2018-10-05 12:32 OC Team - OC Team comment

The cache was approved by the OC Team