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 Log entries Luxulyan Valley 2 ( Granite)    {{found}} 11x {{not_found}} 0x {{log_note}} 0x Photo 1x Gallery  

5740 2020-11-06 11:36 recommendation ed-don (user activity98) - Found it

A whopper of a cache in an interesting spot just off a footpath. I can confirm that everything is in good order and the containers is well stocked with swaps.


TFTC and a recommendation from me

5364 2019-08-13 16:17 recommendation dixie_gooner (user activity102) - Found it

I was in the area to grab a CS cache with Ogesnlyn.  As I use c.geo it automatically loads up OpenCaches.  I said to Oges that there was one nearby and we came to look for it.  I think we must have followed exactly the same route as the previous finder (5.5 years ago).  Oges found the cache named "Variation 3".

I carried on with my search.  I didnt see a previous picture of the chair, however I did identify it and found the impressive sized container.


4209 2017-09-01 00:00 OC Team - OC Team comment

Cache of month Hello Gribben!

I'm pleased to inform you that your cache became: Cache of the month


OC Team

2760 2013-11-23 15:21 rickardclan (user activity14) - Found it

Oh sweet!  What an adventure I had here!!  Mentioned on my previous log that I don't really prepare with OC's and don't see any reason to change that it's a good way to play differently over here.  And so the direction of "head up the wooden steps" would have made this one a lot easier and less fun!  So I followed the track from the end of the viaduct into the mud, then dropped down off the trail and onto a vague track finally meeting up with the footpath - I only had the co-ords and the hint - but the GPSr shows the footpaths at least.  So I approached this one from the "wrong" direction and climbed up - at the top after I resisted the urge to have a go on the tyre swing I found what I was sure was the hint item, in fact it was just a plank nailed to the top rock! I can't honestly say I've ever found a Gribben cache that hasn't been bang on with it's co-ords, so I slowly climbed down, I guess over the back cushion, along the arm and finally down onto the front room floor - but in so doing to spotted an obvious placed rock, on further inspection lurking behind was hot chocolate container with a Geocache sticker on the outside, the cache was named "Variation 3" not one that I recognise, I wonder if anyone else would?  It's a nice spot!!  Anyway, after that I spotted a location that matched the hint and did as I was requested - a pair of muddy knees later and I had the really good sized cache out and was logging.  I made my exit via a much easier route.  Another cracker, and well worth the effort getting here, thanks for this one!

2325 2012-05-16 19:14 SMacB (user activity34) - Found it

A bit of poor planning yesterday meant that I ran out of time to go for this cache....which meant a return trip today, plus a couple of geocachec nearby to get too. A lovely peaceful area with bluebels all over the place. A nice large cache container, but does anyone carry stash good enough for an equal swap? Some excelent booty within.


Pictures for this log entry:
The 'Chair'
The 'Chair'

2264 2012-03-27 00:00 Headlanders (user activity12) - Found it

Came to look for this cache whilst 'doing' a nearby series.

Situated in a fantastic place.

Truly a great cache.

Many thanks.

1075 2010-07-24 17:32 IanW (user activity20) - Found it

Really nice cache with lots of room for swaps. Left the children on the path to save too much scambling for them. Great Cache.


1006 2010-07-08 14:50 recommendation Amberel (user activity596) - Found it

What varied terain! After walking through the woods, along the old tramway and across the viaduct, the wooden steps led us onto some lovely open heath and grassland. Then the cache itself was in a gloomy and overgrown cluster of huge rocks.

Not easy to get to, but once I had identified GZ I was able to go back and guide Mrs. Amberel over the obstacles to the cache site. And what a cache it was!

Mrs. A spent some time browsing the contents, then swapped a small Teddy Bear for a compass. This most likely is our last OpenCache in Cornwall on this holiday, and what a worthy one to finish with Smile.

Thanks for another great cache,

Rgds, Andy

243 2010-01-30 00:00 spooky_luke (user activity31) - Found it

Fairly straightforward find in a great area that I know rather well from otter recording and helping to maintain the leats around here. The box is HUGE and full of great booty, but I didn't have anything good enough to be a fair swap as there are some awesome things in there, so TNLNSL. Thanks for the great cache Smile

145 2009-12-26 00:00 oldun (user activity4) - Found it

Enjoyed the walk and the view from the viaduct on the way to finding this one. The spot on co-ords took us straight to the right place - and then the fun started. We could see the cache container (by lying down in the mud), but it was out of normal reach and wedged behind a rock. Not being of simian proportions we resorted to using a walking pole to try to flip the box. This sounds easier than it was! Eventually the container was persuaded to come within fingertip touch and it was winkled out of its hiding place. Huge box and very well stocked, but we had no swaps.

Thanks for the high quality cache - really enjoyed it Smile

136 2009-12-26 00:00 minimise (user activity36) - Found it

We parked in the car park, slithered along to the path on some unexpected ice still fighting the big thaw, and then set off in search of the cache. After a shortish walk we were at the cache location and just about had sight of the cache, but I had to leave it to someone better equipped to actually retrieve it from its hiding place. As Janpe said, a very well stocked cache. Signed log but didn't have any swops so took nothing.

Thanks for a very good cache and my first on 'opencaching'.

88 2009-10-20 00:00 janpe (user activity3) - Found it

Found whilst on a mission of my own in the valley which I know well. This area has been used on the 'other' site and also by others setting GPS games (I also found a small plastic water-tight pot containing just a printed number)

Great cache stocked with a host of worthwhile objects. Took the FTF prize, the equivalent of which will be added to my usual collection. Swapped a stone egg for rechargable batteries and also took a pathtag to move to S.A.

Thanks for a superb cache