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4960 2019-01-08 13:46 The Cooke Family (user activity9) - Found it

Mummy and Daddy Cooke were visiting Tavistock today for a spot of lunch so as they walked to the cafe they decided to get rid of this one feom the map. Photo attached. Great to get another opencache under our belts


The Cooke Family
Pictures for this log entry:
Mummy and Daddy Cooke
Mummy and Daddy Cooke

4937 2018-12-20 15:38 NSCR (user activity47) - Found it

We picked this one up today. Thank you for another great cache.
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4908 2018-12-14 15:36 Stefo and Swash (user activity10) - Found it

We spotted that this had been published a couple of weeks ago, and decided that we would attempt it on our next visit to family that live nearby.

Before leaving Bristol this morning I checked that we could access the webcam feed and figured out how to save the picture.....and also noticed that it hadn't yet been found.

We took a detour through Tavistock this afternoon and parked nearby.  After a very short walk we stopped at the correct spot and soon saved the required screenshots. 

Once at my daughter's I powered up my computer, only to discover that we had been pipped to the post for FTF by two of our caching friends.


Congratulations Lisa and Roy.


Thanks to Dartmoor Dave for placing this webcam cache.

Pictures for this log entry:
Stefo and Swash by the weir
Stefo and Swash by the weir

4909 2018-12-14 12:00 ChudleighTraveller (user activity26) - Found it

It was rather interesting when this cache was published, being a webcam cache, as the same evening I also had a webcam cache approved.  They are far and few inbetween and then two come along in the South West at once.  This cache sat there quite happily without any visitors, and now and again I would have a look at the cache page only to be surprised there had been no visitors.  It was a bit of a last minute decision to come seek out this cache given I've passed nearby quite a few times since its publication. 

Tavistock was extremely busy today, and it would appear everyone wanted to visit Tavistock today, even our friends Stefo and Swash, unknowingly to us at the time. Parking was the only issue today, and after visiting a full car park we relocated to another location where the car was left, and we headed off over to the weir.  After loading the webcam with ease a screenshot was taken, and we were happy with the result.

This is a great cache, in a lovely location, so thank you Dartmoor Dave for bringing us to a fabulous location today.

AO & CT @ GZ

4907 2018-12-14 12:00 Angelaobscura (user activity9) - Found it

 Over the last couple of days myself and ChudleighTraveller have noticed this webcam cache is still sitting awaiting it's first visitor and decided it was about time that changed. After all you wait ages for one and two come along at once! 

A lovely day in Tavistock but boy wasn't it busy! We spent some time searching around for parking before heading out to the burbs and taking a leisurely walk in to enjoy a visit to the weir then a visit to the panier market and lunch. All suitably festive at the moment :) 

Thanks Dartmoor Dave for placing this webcam cache and giving us an excuse to visit today, it's definitely been a nice day! 



Pictures for this log entry:
At the weir
At the weir