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5114 2019-04-02 21:33 ed-don (user activity54) - Found it

Some bloke in an Australian hat was walking between Oreston and Mount Batten and stopped at this webcam cache between the hail shower. TFTC
Pictures for this log entry:
Some Australian bloke
Some Australian bloke

5026 2019-01-28 14:25 Angelaobscura (user activity13) - Found it


Thank you ChudleighTraveller for providing this webcam cache for us to find, it took us on a lovely walk around the bay. I have watched this cache since it came out wondering if anyone would come along and claim it but they didn't... Today I was at home for the day and thought we should get at least a little walk in so decided take the short drive over to Mount Batten as I had some other business as well as finding this webcam cache. The website worked great but it was only a stretched version (pictured above) or a cropped version with no yachts so I hope this will do the trick!! :p