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 Log entries GP02 - West Mill Tor    {{found}} 14x {{not_found}} 0x {{log_note}} 0x  

6582 2023-05-25 17:21 Ecky (user activity99) - Found it

Found while in the area for letterboxing and geocaching at on the other site. I shall be back to do the whole round. Thanks.

6518 2023-02-12 23:02 dave.johnson (user activity258) - Found it

RESUS... although it did look to have been found by non cachers.

We had been walking/searching boxes for seven hours by the time we arrived here. it was just beginning to get a touch chilly. Thankfully this was a quick find as cache was in full view. Signed and replaced into correct hide as I know would have been intended by DD.

Thanks again for another in the series. TFTC 

6183 2021-10-13 14:00 Gribben (user activity120) - Found it

Finally away from soldiers and other walkers, I had the Tor all to myself. A nice quick find and I was able to rest and enjoy the views for a few minutes. 



6173 2021-10-10 20:50 ed-don (user activity142) - Found it

After recovering from a cold the climb up to West Mill was more arduous than it should be. Black Brook Mire was pretty tame and didn't impede our progress too much. GPS was exact and took me all the way to the cache which is well hidden on the edge of the stack. TFTC

6109 2021-07-26 18:03 Brentorboxer (user activity94) - Found it

Quick find once up on the tor, many thanks.

6106 2021-07-26 16:18 windrush cache hunter (user activity97) - Found it

Walked a little further than you suggested  wanting a slighlty gentler climb.  A find for BB and we were off to the next.  TFTC

6101 2021-07-25 15:59 wanderingwillies (user activity95) - Found it

This one was down to me, which probably was right, as Mr W would have struggled with the climb and descent on the tor.  I had to replace a cache, and suss out a few potential positions.  Started early and this was on my way back, with Mr. W sat down the bottom of the hill waiting for me, where we had an early lunch, returned to car and were back home by 1 o'clock. Thanks for the cache. 

6070 2021-07-11 09:26 NSCR (user activity119) - Found it

Today is the day that Dixie Gooner and I take on the Dartmoor Geopath. The forecast is not great but what do the met office know.

After a bit of a slog after getting a GC cache we were happy to nab this one.

Thanks Dartmoor Dave for the cache.

Find Number - 97
11 July 2021

6085 2021-07-11 08:24 dixie_gooner (user activity119) - Found it

Myself and NSCR had a rare free day together and had decided to head out on to the Moor. Deciding where to go is always difficult. Dartmoor Dave suggested his new series which mainly comprises of open caches. That series is 13 miles long, today I walked 14 miles and only made a small dent in it before we decided to call it a day due to the weather.

3rd cache of the day, but second of this series.  The weather is holding off at this stage.  If anything its too hot at present.  I feel like I will get boiled in the bag.



6015 2021-06-09 08:30 Amberel (user activity598) - Found it

There was some "swag" in this one. The c/o had asked me to bring some things along to swap. It was at this point that I realised that the bag of bits was still in the top locker of my campervan instead of in my rucksack!

Thanks for the cache,

Rgds, Andy

5958 2021-06-06 00:47 Charlottejones199 (user activity59) - Found it

Didn't take long to arrive at gz but i missed spotting the cache at first glance in its hiding hole so spent longer here than i needed to as it is exactly where i first looked.tftc

5939 2021-06-04 20:00 CMOS21 (user activity25) - Found it

a beautiful viewpoint. This one took us a bit longer but got there in the end thanks to the spoiler pic

5915 2021-06-03 08:20 Bideford 5 (user activity16) - Found it

In the words of Will-I-am "Wowsers" when I saw the view here-Truly stunning. TFTC

5893 2021-06-01 11:15 Broyleboxers (user activity121) - Found it

FTF at 11:15

An easy stroll down to the track and then a puff up the hill brought me to GZ where again it took a little while to spot the cache because I didn't have access to the spoiler picture. It would almost certainly have been a quicker find with the helpful spoiler picture!

Pleased to find a blank log-book awaiting our signature!