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6495 2022-12-31 17:50 abinewcombe10 (user activity3) - Found it

Hubby and I were in the area for the CO other caches. As we passed directly by this cache be considered it would be rude to not attempt this cache. A quick find here as per hint and thankfully my stubby little arms could reach it. Tftc ????

5839 2021-04-18 15:30 Elz (user activity4) - Found it

On a beautiful sunny day, we decided to finally use our new found freedom for a socially distanced walk in the countryside to get some fresh air, blow away the cobwebs and see something different to our local urban neighbourhood. So we met with Hal-an-tow, who needed to do a maintenance walk on some of her caches. Making sure the geohound was safely on her lead (sheep and lambs everywhere), it was great to head off on a walk with fantastic views and hardly anyone else around.

We had had a successful day of 4 geocaches so far and on our way back, Hal an tow decided this particularly beautiful spot would be perfect for a new cache, so we were very fortunate to be the FTF and to have one named after our crazy geohound is a real honour. TFTC (for placing AND naming :D)