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5498 2020-03-01 00:00 OC Team - OC Team comment

Cache of month Hello Spannerman!

I'm pleased to inform you that your cache became: Cache of the month


OC Team

5482 2020-02-16 21:22 ed-don (user activity132) - Didn't find it

No joy today, perhaps a return visit with a mattock would be more productive?

5463 2019-03-31 22:18 dave.johnson (user activity250) - Didn't find it

Had a good look but no joy..

3976 2017-04-28 14:56 NSCR (user activity119) - Didn't find it

I've had a fairly substantial dig at the GZ and cannot find anything although a lot of the soil is waste from the gorse bush so the cache may well be completely buried now. 



Recently modified on 2017-04-28 23:50:37 by user NSCR - totally modified 1 time.

3824 2017-03-16 14:27 Ochico (user activity84) - Didn't find it

Unfortunately not able to find this one - still it was a good walk down from Long Ash Garden Centre. Think I would have found an ammo can! Checked out our cache nearby - all well with that one. Maybe if you are out  this way you could check to see if it is still on site.

2900 2014-06-30 12:00 pljg (user activity76) - Found it

I was brought here by this being an amberel "Top Cache"; on the way to the Alphabet Puzzle Challenge cache down in the valley.  Luckily, I had brought gloves.  A lovely peaceful area and it was nice to reanimate this cache after 3.5 years.  Thanks.

1535 2010-12-30 13:45 dizzycacher (user activity10) - Found it

My first Opencache.  Have missed Spannerman on Geocaching  Wink and I haven't been caching much since my caching canine passed away.  Today's trip was with a visiting canine who needed to be tired out so we walked over from Harrowbeer.  A lovely spot, thankyou.

1428 2010-10-22 19:03 Gribben (user activity120) - Found it

Found on a lunchtime visit to an area that I`ve never visited before. A deer went crashing off through the undergrowth as I approached the hiding place.

Took a CD & a Lord Darcy pathtag, left a fossil, a panic alarm & some pathtags.

Thanks for another nice one!

1013 2010-07-09 11:40 recommendation Amberel (user activity598) - Found it

I had planned to visit this cache on my last trip to the West Country, but I had to give it a miss as I was trying to squeeze too much into too little time. But I have been fortunate to have a holiday in Cornwall with Mrs. Amberel, and we called here on our journey home.

It drizzled with rain all the way from Looe until we were parked here, and I set off by myself. But I hadn't gone 100 yards before I felt the rain was stopping, so I went back and roused Mrs. A from her book to join me walking to the Tor Smile.

And a very enjoyable short walk it was. The bracken was still damp from the rain but no more fell from the sky. We enjoyed the super views.

Mrs. A was much taken by the little Guatemalan Worry People but during the holiday I had used up all my swaps, so I left a couple of pounds in the log bag - I'm so sorry for the unimaginitive trade.

Another TOP CACHE for Spannerman.

Thanks for the cache,

Rgds, Andy

533 2010-04-23 00:00 Brentorboxer (user activity94) - Found it

A quick find on a lovely sunny afternoon, been here several times before as my sister lives nearby, now it call in for a cup of tea. TNLN TFTC.

321 2010-03-12 00:00 recommendation windrush cache hunter (user activity95) - Found it

A beautiful day to be on the moor and a place I've not visited before, why is the closest to home seem to get ignored?  Enjoyed the walk to this one which was found quickly, great to see such a well stocked cache, many thanks.

283 2010-02-24 00:00 Lord Darcy (user activity132) - Found it

Hey! FTF.

Found within a few moments of arriving at ground zero. (I do admit I looked at the spoiler photo). Nice hide. Took the FTF prize.

Features on my video (no spoilers shown) on YouTube (