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 Log entries Lansallos Cliff    {{found}} 5x {{not_found}} 0x {{log_note}} 1x  

2528 2013-01-26 15:58 spooky_luke (user activity31) - Found it

Walked out to this one with CornishCandy after attending a CITO Event at Lansallos. We were tired after barrowing stone to repair the path all day, but enjoyed our walk out towards GZ. We did worry for a bit as the coast path had been closed due to a land slip not far from GZ, but thankfully, the cache was all tucked up nice and safe! In fact, I'm sure I heard air hiss out of it when I opened the lid! All inside is bone dry and in very good nick. Swapped a pathtag and a bouncy ball for a badge. Many thanks for a great cache in a cracking spot.

1796 2011-06-14 07:36 Brentorboxer (user activity83) - Found it

Did this cache yesterday with Mr Brentorboxer, managed to drag him away from work, LOL. We did a round walk, really enjoyed it, with great views, the fields were rather brown from the lack of rain, but I am sure they will soon green up now. Found the cache OK but reaching it was a bit prickly!

Many thanks for bringing us here.

1388 2010-10-02 00:00 recommendation Spannerman (user activity191) - Found it

We had to curtail our plans for this weekend due to the weather so decided on a coastal walk with the bonus of an Opencache thrown in.

We parked in Lansallos and revisited the Church before heading down the path to the coast. In the Church we had a chat to the cleaner who gave us a history lesson on the Church/yard and village. It was very interesting especially the tombestone he took us to which belonged to a young chap who was killed after being hit by a cannonball. The story is that he was one of a band of smugglers who was on a small rowing boat fully laden with goodies when they were spotted by the customs men. They had a faster boat and gave chase and fired their cannon at the smugglers and this chap got hit. The grave is on the left hand side of the path from the gate and is about the 5th one in.

Another piece of information we learnt was that the cutting in the rock at the beach was done so that sand and gravel could be carted up for building works in the local area. There are wheel marks in the rock so it must have going on for some time.

Onto the cache and after a pleasant walk along the path I made an error in where I thought the cache was hidden. For some reason I thought it was on top of the cliff and not seeing an obvious path up I climbed up hoping to find a path back down. The GPSr said I was still 50ft away and it was not possible to get that last 50ft from where I was so I had to climb back down and try a different approach. Anyone who has done this cache will know there is a sensible approach and I did find it at this attempt. Even Mrs S was able to come along on this final climb which was handy because we were able to sit and enjoy the views along the coast as we signed the log.

We took a very nice celtic design pin badge and dropped in an Opencaching patch and a screwdriver bit set.

Thanks for another brilliant cache, our only one of the day but what an only cache to do.

1012 2010-07-10 00:00 Lord Darcy (user activity132) - Note

Video Diary entry (no spoilers)


1011 2010-07-09 15:00 recommendation Lord Darcy (user activity132) - Found it

A lovely walk through the woods down to the coastal path, with superb views. Closing in on GZ I saw I needed to negotiate the fairly steep hillside - that done, I didn't immediately see the hint item, so several minutes were lost searching the wrong area. Finally spotted the right area, extracted the cache, signed the log, swapped some Pathtags, replaced the cache, scrambled back down the hillside to the path, and re-traced my way back the the village of Lansallos.


An excellent cache - well worth the journey from Torbay.





1004 2010-07-07 22:08 recommendation Amberel (user activity596) - Found it

On holiday in Looe, we were perfectly placed to grab the FTF on this new cache.

A lovely walk to the cache location, though Mrs. Amberel was unable to manage the last 150 feet and it was left to me to unearth this thoroughly well hidden cache. A well stocked, industrial strength plastic box.

Nothing taken as I brought nothing to leave, I really must get into the habit of bringing swaps to Gribben caches as it seems churlish not to make a trade when so much effort has gone into stocking them.

Thanks for yet another Great Gribben Cache,

Rgds, Andy