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2173 2012-01-22 11:30 marcinchabasiewicz (user activity4) - Found it

2177 2012-01-20 13:36 The White Family (user activity96) - Note

---(2012-01-20 13:36:00---(Note)---
marcinchabasiewicz's DNF log (since deleted) doesn't say much but we received an email which, though difficult to understand because of the language barrier, seems to say that they spent three hours looking for the cache.

I walked up to the cache site and was surprised by how different the countryside looks in the winter. When I placed the cache in July the summer vegetation made it difficult to see places to hide one cache. Today I could have hidden hundreds, though finding them in the summer would have been a little tricky.

The area of the cache is more exposed than it was, though no doubt it will be hidden again in summer. The cache itself is safe and well, clean and dry.

1897 2011-08-09 11:45 moose07 (user activity4) - Found it

Thanks for the cache, That would have been a relativley easy find if the numpty in chardge of the GPS had programed it correctly!

Nice well hidden hide.

Thanks for no2!


1865 2011-07-23 10:05 Amberel (user activity601) - Found it

This week my wife has been on jury service, which meant today was my first opportunity to come and grab these caches.

I've moored up overnight to these banks on several occasions in the past, it's a great place to stop. But presently I'm "between boats" so I had to visit by motor-cycle. It's always interesting to compare the view from the bank to that from the river - I've never seen Val Wyatt's from this side before Laughing.

I wondered if I might meet any boating acquaintances as I strolled past the moored boats, but there was nobody I knew.

As always for the White Family, a neatly made cache, properly hidden, well concealed but without the need for stick-o-flage or similar.

Thanks for a super cache,

Rgds, Andy