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6484 2022-12-29 12:18 dartymoor (user activity24) - Archived

The cache has been archived.

6483 2022-12-29 12:16 dartymoor (user activity24) - Note

Went out to check this today but I couldn't find it anywhere - and the tree I had hidden it in must have completely rotted out. Birch does go fast, and it has been a good few years since I was last here, but still - surprising!

Archiving the cache

6476 2022-12-04 15:12 The Wanderer (user activity47) - Found it

Winters arrived on Dartmoor, dank, overcast and barely above 0*!! So I decided to take Mum out for a drive around the Eastern highlands taking photos of artefacts and doing some ‘roadie’ letterboxes and this cache, which after some rummaging I spotted the host, putting away the GPS before lifting the natural camo, perfect! Umm, the last visitor was 4 yrs ago? but not according to the log! Then it dawned, duel listed!!!

5250 2019-06-01 00:00 OC Team - OC Team comment

Cache of month Hello dartymoor!

I'm pleased to inform you that your cache became: Cache of the month


OC Team

4545 2018-05-06 11:53 ed-don (user activity132) - Found it

I had just found a multi listed on and diverted across the road to this cache. The sun is doing a great job of drying up the moor. TFTC

5180 2018-03-31 13:40 Broyleboxers (user activity116) - Found it

Found after a brief search on a cloudy day.

Apologies for the late log - finally making an effort to rectify our lax logging on Opencaches!


3347 2016-05-15 10:24 dave.johnson (user activity250) - Found it

Called in today as have been meaning to try and visit all the OCs on Dartmoor. What a fantastic spot and view up the valley-stunning, many thanks.

3041 2015-05-05 10:46 dartmoor strider (user activity10) - Found it

Mrs DS thought she'd go and find this one today as it hadn't been logged in a while. On finding the cache, was a little confused as it had been signed by Die Slimes in April and was a container, but obviously it is dual listed. I think we were ftf on it on - and only about 4th on open caching! Don't think it's been logged on this site since 2012! Always lovely up here, the burnt smell left by the fire is still evident. TFTC

3270 2013-06-02 13:36 jhvthorne (user activity5) - Found it

Late Log.  Seen that others have logged this dual listing cache.  So far, apart from 1, all OC caches appear to have gone. Great view from here TFTC

2357 2012-06-20 15:05 recommendation Amberel (user activity598) - Found it

Looking at a good map often gives a reasonably accurate forecast of what the view may be like. In this case the map didn't begin to do justice to the most spectacular panorama that spread out to the north.

A small, empty cache, in a modest hide, but a recommendation just for that view!

Thanks for the cache,

Rgds, Andy Marion and Maisie

2280 2012-03-18 20:07 Ky Devas (user activity79) - Found it

Apologies for the late log. Found this after a short search on the way home. Lovely views, TFTC.

2209 2012-02-21 13:50 Lord Darcy (user activity132) - Found it

FTF ... Excellent views indeed. (see photo )


Cache soon found, a nice hide though.


Many thanks for the cache.