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 Log entries DC26 - Dartmoor Challenge - The Henroost    {{found}} 9x {{not_found}} 0x {{log_note}} 0x  

5581 2020-06-07 18:31 ed-don (user activity132) - Found it

A great cache in a really interesting spot. If this area were closer to a road it would inevitably be full of litter and idiots but it is far enough away to be peaceful and secluded. I came here in search of an archived cache on 'the other site' and also decided to have a look for this one.

Finding a large cache is rarely difficult but getting this one out of its partial grave proved trickier. Movement of the soil around it meant it was largely buried and had to be dug out with the aid of a flat rock. Once I freed the cache I could confirm it is in good order and I noted the bonus info just in case I am in a position to use it one day.


5357 2019-09-01 00:00 OC Team - OC Team comment

Cache of month Hello Dartmoor Dave!

I'm pleased to inform you that your cache became: Cache of the month


OC Team

4205 2017-08-21 13:00 abanazar (user activity41) - Found it

I fancied a walk somewhere (anywhere) on Dartmoor and thought a cache might give a suitable route/target for me and the family, who were ambivalent as usual. There were far too many caches to choose from using only that criteria, so I shortcut the process by looking at Amberel’s Top Cache page and found this one.

I’m not sure my parking and direct approach was the best choice, as it was steep and rough going to start with. Then we met a track and passed an fine stone cross. The final location was interesting. I see from the OS map and internet that it has mining history, but it is a pity that the cache page does not elucidate.

I soon found the container although I’ve classified larger ones of my own as Regular. It was in good order, albeit rather sparsely populated given the size. Thanks for the cache.

3973 2017-04-27 16:06 hev-va (user activity35) - Found it

We use an iPhone app to cache but for the open caches we don't have a dedicated app so use Memory Map. It's great at getting is within 20-30 feet but just won't pinpoint much closer especially if you stop moving for a few seconds. Hence we began our search high but did not make the find. We picnicked on the top with a fine view (now with all layers and a woolly hat as the northerly breeze was up and the clouds were 8/8ths).

After a fine lunch (the usual) we looked down below.

I won't say which location we found it in but all in all a fairly quick find from hubby whilst I pootled about in completely the wrong place as usual. And bonus cords noted. TFTC

5204 2017-03-22 17:45 Broyleboxers (user activity116) - Found it

Found after a brief search while on a brisk afternoon walk.

Apologies for the extremely late log - making a determined effort to rectify our lax logging on Opencaches, using geocache logs from our aging Garmin!


3719 2017-02-13 18:30 recommendation retallickramblers (user activity37) - Found it

Took the wrong route to this one, & had to scramble down. The well-hidden container was spotted by James, much to Maddy's annoyance - she found all the geocaches today, and was hoping for a clean sweep.

Enjoyed this one - interesting hiding place.

3522 2016-11-25 13:00 recommendation Amberel (user activity598) - Found it

Another great hide in a fantastic location, my GPS kept taking me further and I kept following it!

The third Amberel TOP CACHE geocoin (see link for details) for this c/o in the space of two days.

Really enjoyed this one,

Thanks for the cache,

Rgds, Andy


3124 2015-07-18 17:37 wanderingwillies (user activity88) - Found it

Thanks, quick find. Sat and had lunch here. Not a soul in site.

3107 2015-07-09 21:44 dave.johnson (user activity250) - Found it

Nice location, I could spend a whole day looking around here, thought that there may of been a Victoria sponge in the cache, it could certainly of held one, tftc

3083 2015-06-23 10:00 Ochico (user activity84) - Found it

FTF. Put pack down in gully and started to search - there were a group of youngsters down the gully - must have wondered what I was doing. After a little while spotted it but just out of reach. Came down from the top and logged it. Tftc