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4283 2017-10-28 14:00 pljg (user activity64) - Found it

The first finder for 18th months although that's not overly surprising, even if it is a real shame.  I've had my eye on this since it was published but have had Box adventures higher on the list until recent sad events there.

BradLad and I came to search out this after finding the new Below Above with antpeng.  He had to go home but, after a squeeze through the letterbox, we made our way to the hole.  I was happy that I had worked out where the hole was and roughly where the cache would be (antpeng's copy of the survey helped with that.)  

We didn't find things too constricted (I has been a little worried before hand given that I've put on a few pounds).  It took us a little while to find the cache- it's tricky to work out pace of movement and scale from the video.

We weren't as brave  as abanazar after the find.  We climbed up and looked at a way out but decided that returning the way we had come was a nice combination of a bit safer and a bit more exciting.

Thanks for the opencache and I hope it gets found again with in 18 months

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The cache
The cache

3283 2016-02-20 07:30 abanazar (user activity41) - Found it

I confess that I don’t really know anything about Twitter or the name/theme of this cache; fortunately that doesn’t matter too much. For me, a cache is an invitation to a journey/challenge/adventure that one person is kind enough to set up for the benefit and enjoyment of another person, or persons, often unknown. And I don’t care where this invitation is listed, just as when I’m watching a good film, I don’t care which TV channel it’s on (so long as it’s free).

Talking of films, don’t give up your day job ;)

Thankfully, there were was a smattering of subtitles which did their job, so I was pretty confident I knew where to go, despite the shaggy-dog-story-esque video! 

I was driving past the location last night, after an evening trip to a similar location. Since I had all my gear with me, it crossed my mind to stop to look for this cache. However, it was 11:30pm and I thought I should get home. When I woke early this morning, I still felt the urge to look, so I decided I’d nip out before breakfast, especially since my car was still loaded up from last night.

Soon afterwards - I’m so fortunate to live in this interesting region - I was kitted up and ready to enter the quarry. I enjoyed the route as I haven’t gone that way before; I don’t visit here as much as you might think. I was soon at a place that matched the hint and the vague recollection of a grainy video. A glimpse of tupperware, and I’d found that cache, at around 07:30am.

I had a pre-prepared idea of what I might do after the cache, in the time available before returning home for breakfast; but that plan was superseded as I decided to explore further instead. Soon my nose was twitching with the scent of fresh air, so I turned off my lamp and lo! there was a chink of light. This was too much to resist, so I exited, slightly prematurely, from a portal that was completely new to me. It just shows there is always something interesting to learn in these magnificent places, no matter how familiar one may think they are. Then I had a good mooch around the surface, which is a hole-hunter’s delight.

Thanks very much for bringing me here and encouraging me to explore some new areas. My main worry is whether I’ll ever get that terrible tune out of my head ;)

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