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GeoPath name
GeoPath type What is this?HelpHelpSpecifies the type of GeoPath. If the majority of caches are arranged in a line, or form a design on the map, set Geo-sketch /. If the majority of caches highlight a tourist attraction (e.g. a famous building, museum, etc.) set Touristic . If the majority of caches show off a natural feature (e.g. a mountain peak, viewpoint, etc.) set Nature . If the caches have a common theme (e.g. cathedrals, famous authors, etc.) set Thematic . If you think your GeoPath should be in another category which is not listed, contact the OC Team info (at)
% cache finds required to complete GeoPath
What is this?HelpHelpAfter logging a percentage of the caches, the user may log the GeoPath as completed
GeoPath Description

Start a new GeoPath
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Name Type {statusOrPoints} Publication date Number of caches Completed

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GeoPath details
Mentor (?)HelpMentorThe mentor is the person who created the GeoPath. {leadingUserName}
{ptStatus} Change status
Completed {conquestCount} times
Scoring {ptPoints} Points
Number of caches {powerTrailCacheCount} ({powerTrailActiveCacheCount} / {powerTrailUnavailableCacheCount} / {powerTrailArchivedCacheCount}) {cacheCountUserActions}
% cache finds required to complete GeoPath 100% ( Geocaches) Set
GeoPath type {ptTypeName} {ptTypeUserActions}
Publication date {powerTrailDateCreated} {ptDateUserActions}
Owners {powerTrailOwnerList} {ownerListUserActions}
GeoPath's description

Caches in this GeoPath

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Logs count in gpx file*: 5

*) - for each cache. Available only for "GPX" files OK
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