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difficulty terrain
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Luxulyan Valley 1 ( Water) - OK0072 Cache of month
A pleasant walk through some of Cornwall`s mining heritage.
Owner: Gribben
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altitude Altitude: 81 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Cornwall and Isles of Scilly
type Cache type: Multicache
size Size: Micro
status Status: Ready to be found
hidden Date hidden: 02-10-2009
creation-date Date created: 02-10-2009
published-date Date published: 02-10-2009
last-mod Last modification: 02-10-2009
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description Description EN

This cache takes you on a walk through Luxulyan Valley. Though it`s now beautiful woodland, in the 19th century it was an area of intense industrial activity. The valley saw quarrying of granite, copper & tin mining, and china clay processing. Relics of this industry are still visible. There are several functioning leats, which fed water to waterwheels. The most obvious feature is the great viaduct & aqueduct, built by Joseph (Austen) Treffry between 1839 & 1842.

The coordinates lead you to a plaque which will help you to find the final location -

The total number of words in the top two lines = A

The second digit on the bottom line = B

The fifth digit on the bottom line = C

The number of letters in the first word of the second line = D

The cache is at N50` 22.6AB  W4` 43.3CD


Parking is available at N50` 23.014  W4` 43.946

You may see signs warning of a plant disease called "Phytophthora", mainly present in Rhododendron & Bilberry. This walk does not involve entering affected areas, but it`s best to keep dogs on the lead.

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