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Nomad - OK0497
A moving cache: please read the description with care !
Owner: hal an tow
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Altitude: 116 m. ASL.
 Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire
Cache type: Moving
Size: Small
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 25-01-2019
Date created: 16-12-2018
Date published: 26-01-2019
Last modification: 24-04-2020
1x Found
3x moved   14.65 km
0x Not found
4 notes
watchers 2 watchers
15 visitors
1 x rated
Rated as: n/a
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Cache attributes

Listed on Opencaching only  Has a moving target 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

This is a moving cache , the idea is I hide it somewhere, the first finder picks it up , signs the log and logs online as usual, but they take the box away with them ! Exciting, eh ? That first finder moves the box elsewhere, taking a reading of the co-ordinates at the new hiding spot .

  Once the box is in place at the new GZ they include the new co-ords in a write note log to this page (with a hint if they wish and maybe a mention of any relevant attributes or suitable D/T rating).

I update the cache page to reflect the new co-ords and information.

The next cacher searches the new GZ, moves the cache on to a third GZ  and so on, until we are all exhausted,

bored, or the cache is muggled.


A step by step finder's guide:

  1. Find the box
  2. Sign the log
  3. Take the box with you, log the find online as soon as possible so folk know it has gone.
  4. Optional :You could leave a sign such as a couple of crossed sticks or a small arrangement of rocks at the now empty GZ so anyone searching before you log online won't have a long fruitless hunt
  5. Place the box somewhere new, not within 150m/490ft of existing cache containers on any caching site.
  6.  Post a note to this page with the new location co-ordinates and a hint if you want to give one.


Rules for this cache:

  • It must stay within the area bounded by the M1 to the west, A46 to the north east, A14 to the south., and not further east than Corby
  • It should be rehidden within 14 days of being picked up
  • The hides should not be too extreme in T , I want to be able to maintain my own cache if need be (sorry Didz)
  • The hides should not be urban or in litter strewn lay bys (as if you would ... )
  • You can find. log and move the cache as many times as you like ... having a new location should make the hunt interesting all over again !
  • If you are passing through, and do not have the time or local knowledge to move the cache on safely, please feel free to just log it as a straightforward trad, and make it clear in your online  log that you left it where it was.
Additional hints
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