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5239 2019-05-25 23:47 hal an tow (user activity26) - Note

OK, so I can't log finding this, as it is mine, but it's been where Martin left it for  a while, and I was passing by, so thought I'd pick it up ...

The vegetation hid it rather too well , so it took me a while, but the co-ords were spot on (I just hadn't quite believed them !)  and once I realised  I was stood on the cache I was able to retrieve it ...sneaky !


Now , where next ...

5075 2019-03-06 15:58 hal an tow (user activity26) - Note

Hint and D/T updatedto reflect the new hide, thanks Martin

5071 2019-03-05 11:11 martin112358 (user activity4) - Moved

I picked this up on 20 February intending to put it straight back out that day or the next, but as usual normal life intervened and it has taken me until now - a whole day short of the two-week deadline - to re-hide it.


I have chosen a spot close but not too close to two other OC caches (both also from Hal-an-tow) in the hope of making it more worthwhile to come and find them. When casting around for a suitable spot I realised I was almost exactly equidistant from the two other caches, and moved to make that more true - so this location and the other two now make a nice equilateral triangle as accurately as the GPS will allow.


The spot is not as pleasant as the cache's previous home, but there is a prospect over the fields, so it's pretty good. If you walk in from the A6 you will pass a modern pastiche of a British Raj pastiche of a maharaja's palace. It's not exactly a blot on the landscape, but I'm not sure why it got  planning permission. (I'm just jealous really, I wish I had enough money to build a house like that. I wouldn't, of course, but it would be lovely to decide not to.)


When you get to GZ the cache is on the wrong side of the hedge in the sense that the path is on the other. But that side would have been wrong for the cache in that there is a ditch between you and any hiding places. Where it is D/T are both low - maybe 1/1.5 with the hint and only about 2/1.5 without it.


Hint: Ybbx sbe n fgbar gur pbybhe bs Cnfgvpur Ubhfr

5051 2019-02-20 14:17 martin112358 (user activity4) - Found it

Out for a little geocaching expedition with grandson Hugo112358, we decided to look for this different type of cache. Hugo was excited by being able to find the cache and take it away! He spotted it without help from me.


We put out crossed sticks to tell any searchers that there is no cache to be found.


A lovely spot. I don’t suppose I’ll find one as nice.


Thanks for the cache.


Further news when I have put it back out.

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5049 2019-02-20 10:36 martin112358 (user activity4) - Note

I intend to look for this (and move it) in about one hour’s time. Ie at c1030 Wed 20/2/19.

4994 2019-01-26 15:41 hal an tow (user activity26) - Note

Nicest route to this first GZ is from the nearby groundspeak cache which has parking close by.

Crosses pasture, but no cows there when set ... plenty of trace evidence that sheep spend time there though !

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5072 2019-01-25 00:00 hal an tow (user activity26) - Moved

Starting coordinates