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difficulty terrain
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A hike around the slopes of Beardown
Owner: Gribben
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altitude Altitude: 439 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Devon
type Cache type: Traditional
size Size: Regular
status Status: Archived
hidden Date hidden: 26-12-2009
creation-date Date created: 26-12-2009
published-date Date published: 26-12-2009
last-mod Last modification: 18-07-2014
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description Description EN

Beardown is just north of Two Bridges and on the edge of Merrivale firing range. The cache is located on the eastern slopes of the down, well away from the range boundary which runs north/south to the west of Beardown Tors.
The easiest route to the cache is to take the footpath that follows Devonport Leat. Park at Two Bridges & take the path up to Beardown Farm, just north of the farm the path branches north east along the leat. This route takes you to within a couple of hundred metres of the cache - see waypoints listed below. Ordnance Survey map "OL 28" is recommended for route planning on the moor.
The cache is a regular size container hidden among some scattered rocks on the hillside.

Parking - N50` 33.517   W003 `57.889

Path to Beardown Farm - N50` 33.482   W0003` 58.064

Start of path along Devonport Leat - N50` 33.817   W003` 58.310


This cache was hidden in December 2007 & originally listed on (now archived)


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