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Does this path go to Henley? - OK0238
One of a brace of caches on a walk beside the Thames.
Właściciel: The White Family
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Wysokość: 36 m n.p.m.
 Województwo: Wielka Brytania > Berkshire, Buckinghamshire and Oxfordshire
Typ skrzynki: Tradycyjna
Wielkość: Mała
Status: Gotowa do szukania
Czas: b.d.    Długość trasy: 1.50 km
Data ukrycia: 20-07-2011
Data utworzenia: 20-07-2011
Data opublikowania: 20-07-2011
Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 16-06-2012
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2 x oceniona
Oceniona jako: b.d.
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Opis EN
Geocaching involves looking at maps. A lot. Sometimes while perusing a map you notice features that just beg to be investigated further. The public footpath which starts north of Wargrave and comes to an abrupt end at the northern tip of the island formed by the Thames and the Hennerton Backwater is just such a feature.

The island - labelled only as Wargrave Marsh on maps - was intensively farmed until the 18th century, the greatest product being eels. The island is now a tranquil place with much wildlife living in the river, water meadows and woods.

Hennerton Backwater is Thames water and therefore there's a right of way for all vessels, though as the clearance at Fidler's Bridge at the southern end of the backwater is about 3 feet your choice of craft is limited.

An excellent article on the area can be seen at

Willow Lane, where the footpath starts, is a private road: please do not drive or park on it. The closest parking is at N51°30.302 W000°52.152; a little further away there's a layby at N51°30.186 W000°52.149.

Those arriving by boat can park closer: there's a public mooring - free for 24 hours - between N51°30.724 W000°52.801 and N51°30.681 W000°52.749.

The name of the cache is a question posed to me by a couple I met soon after placing the cache. I think they'd moored nearby but had no map and no idea where they were. I said that they were on an island and the path didn't go to Henley unless they were prepared to swim. I don't think they believed me because they walked on despite my advice. Soon after they caught me up on the way back south and agreed that the path didn't go to Henley.
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