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The Haunted Doll - OK03B8
The story of the haunted doll
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This story was told to me by a friend of mine who experienced paranormal activity at their home. The following is written as it was told to me:




I recently took my children (one boy aged 11 and a girl aged8)to a boot fair near to where Brands Hatch race course is located. On this day, I was looking at a stall with books and my children had wandered a little further to the next few tables. While I was picking through the many books, my son came running over to me with something in a bag. He was very excited and extremely pleased with himself. When he got to me, he immediately opened the bag to show me the contents and shouted, "Look what I've got!" I looked in and saw it was an old Victorian doll, cracked all over and it had a hideous look on its face.


I looked at the face staring up at me for a few seconds before I remembered that I hadn't given my children any money yet, so I asked him how he'd paid for the doll. My son told me the man a few stalls down the row said he could have it for free. I did believe my son as he's a very honest person, but I said we should go over to the stall where he got it from; just to make sure the owner was happy with his decision and to thank him for the free gift.


When we got to the stall, the man was hurriedly packing up and practically throwing his items back into his car. When he saw my son and the bag, he looked worried. Thinking he was worried I was going to make a complaint or something like that, I reassured him we were grateful for the free gift, but I wanted to check whether he wanted some money for the item. It was quite old and must have been worth something so giving it away for free was very generous. Cutting me off before I finished my sentence, he adamantly told me that my son was to keep the doll. His demeanour changed and he developed a wild, crazed look in his eyes. His stance became more aggressive and insisted that the doll had chosen my son, it was now his. With that he returned to packing his car up.


Believing he was either eccentric or insane, I took my son's hand and we went and found my daughter who had found a stall with a box of teddy bears and was busy deciding which one she should take home. My son thrust the bag under her nose to show her his prized possession and she recoiled in horror, my son giggling at the response. I pulled him away, helped her choose her teddy bear and we headed home to give my wife the good news about the free gift.


At home, we found my wife and my son took the doll out of the bag to show her. Let's just say, she wasn't particularly impressed! Now it was out of the bag, we could see the state it was in. It had been extensively repaired with masking tape and it was in a very sorry condition. It had no clothes so it was basically a head with hair that was greasy and matted down, a stuffed body covered in tape and little black plastic boots stuck to the end of the legs. All in all, it was a mess, but my son loved it and for about six weeks he took it everywhere with him, talking to it and pretending to listen to what the doll was saying. He called it 'Tapey' because of all the masking tape keeping it together.


One day, I came into the living room and saw my son sat on the sofa, staring into space. Tapey, his usual companion was nowhere to be seen. I asked if he was OK and he told me he didn't like Tapey and they weren't friends anymore. I sat down and asked what had happened. My son said that Tapey had started to say bad things, was scaring him and was keeping him awake at night. Assuming this was a child's overactive imagination, I played along with him as he was obviously upset about the situation. I told him we could put Tapey in a box and put it in the attic or out in the garage. When I said this, we heard a loud crash come from upstairs. I went up to see what had caused it, only to find my son's TV screen had been broken. There was a huge crack across the screen with a small hole in the middle where something had obviously hit it. I looked around the floor and found a marble; it's the only thing which was around that could have damaged the screen and the hole matched the size of the marble. As always, the doll was sat on my son's bed.


When I told my son what had broken, he was obviously upset and immediately blamed the doll. He told me how he'd put the doll in the cupboard under the stairs and had gone to sit in the living room. In my mind, for the doll to get back up onto his bed, the only explanations were that my son was confused about putting the doll in the cupboard, someone else had moved it back upstairs, or unbelievably, the doll had made it up to the bedroom on its own. As my son and I were the only people in the house I'm sure you can guess what I thought, but as he was upset about the TV, I didn't push the matter. I also couldn't explain how the TV had been smashed with the marble as it happened when we were both downstairs in the living room. As promised, I took the doll away, put it in a box and left it in our garage.


This is when the unexplained things started to happen. At night, when the kids were in bed, my wife and I would hear the patter of feet upstairs. When we would go and check on the children, they would be fast asleep. Objects would either be moved or disappear completely, only to turn up in the most bizarre places. My wife would hear giggling and other noises in the house when the children were at school.


One Sunday, I had taken the children swimming and my wife was cleaning my son's room; as she was hoovering around his bed, she had a fright. She had looked under his bed ready to push the end of the hoover under, when she had seen two eyes staring back at her. It was Tapey. When she recovered from the shock, she grabbed it, took the doll downstairs and threw it into the cupboard under the stairs.


When we returned from the swimming pool, she asked him why he'd taken Tapey out of the garage. My son replied he hadn't, Tapey had done it by herself. I went to the cupboard to get the doll, but couldn't see where my wife had put her. I called her over and we both looked; with an increasingly sinking feeling, we decided the doll wasn't in the cupboard any more. I could tell by the look on my wife's face that we both knew where we needed to look next.


My wife and I went up to my son's room and walked to the bed. I knew neither of us wanted to look, but knew we had to. I got down on all fours and looked under the bed and as expected, saw two eyes glaring back at me. My stomach just dropped. Although I didn't want to touch it, I grabbed the doll and we went downstairs. When my children saw it, they both burst into tears. While my wife consoled them, I took the doll outside and put it in the bin, thinking that would be the end of it. It wasn't.


The following day I went to put some rubbish in the bin; when I opened the lid, the doll was gone. I went straight back upstairs and looked under my son's bed. Thankfully, there was nothing under it. Relieved, I stood up and turned around only to see Tapey sat on the shelf behind the door; its eyes staring blankly at me and its grin as menacing as always. I grabbed the doll and went to the garden; I grabbed a spade which was next to the garage and decapitated the doll's head. I have to say, I thoroughly enjoyed that part! I also used the spade to separate the body, tearing open the masking tape. Dirty stuffing came spilling out together with a small leather bag. I opened the bag and inside I found a powder of some sort, what looked like dried herbs and what I believe was a couple of small animal bones.


I dug a deep hole and placed the smashed remains of the doll, the stuffing and the bag at the bottom. I kept the head separate. From the garage I grabbed some firelighters and liquid which we use to light our barbeque and set light to the evil thing at the bottom of the hole. As the flames engulfed the tangled mess of smashed and torn doll, I felt a huge sense of relief. When the flames were out, I covered the hole with soil and stamped it down. As far as my wife and children are concerned, the final part of the story never happened and they think the doll was taken away by the dustmen. I have no plans to tell them some of it's remains are buried in the garden!


The head was given to me by my friend in an effort to keep the head away from the body. I've hidden it in the woods, so now it's your turn to see if you can find the geocache, sign the log and leave before the haunted doll chooses to go home with you!

 Please let me know if it says anything to you or you experience anything paranormal while in these woods!

Please hide so no-one on the other side of the fence can see the cache.


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