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Rupert's View - OK041C
Easy cache near a significant historical spot.
Owner: hal an tow
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location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Leicestershire, Rutland and Northamptonshire
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Listed on Opencaching only  Parking nearby  Available during winter 

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Rupert's View 

Look for the road signs , plenty of free hard standing parking is available through the gate, which may occasionally be closed by posts.

Don't park in the gateway unless the posts are up, it is frequently used by farm machinery.

The cache is accessed from the road side.


A foggy Saturday morning,  the 14th of June 1645, and the two opposing armies are massed and ready for what will prove to be the decisive battle of the English Civil War . The Royalists, King Charles I in command with the archetypal cavalier, his nephew Prince Rupert of the Rhine as his general, are here, being brought information from their scouts , planning , and waiting ...

Go to the platform for a mounted general's eye view of the panorama they saw.


The Parliamentarian army under Fairfax, Ireton and (in a fairly minor role today)  some bloke called Cromwell was not in sight : a combination of  terrain and  fog concealed their exact whereabouts. The Royalist position here was a favourable one to defend.

If  the Parliamentarians marched from wherever they were to attack a static Royalist army here, Rupert would have the upper hand ...

Good downloadable pdf battlefield maps and further information can be found here.




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