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difficulty terrain
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Porlock Weir Webcam - OK0495
A webcam at the harbour
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altitude Altitude: 5 m. ASL.
location Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Dorset and Somerset
type Cache type: Webcam
size Size: No container
status Status: Ready to be found
hidden Date hidden: 01-12-2018
creation-date Date created: 01-12-2018
published-date Date published: 01-12-2018
last-mod Last modification: 01-12-2018
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Listed on Opencaching only  Parking nearby  Public transportation  Drinking water nearby  Public restrooms nearby  Public phone nearby  Webcam   Not recommended at night 

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description Description EN

This is a webcam cache, therefore no physical container exists.

Go to the posted coordinates, which is a small bridge at the harbour, and load the following web page:

Porlock Weir Webcam

Take a screenshot of you at GZ, stood where the arrow is (as per the image below), and post it with your log, that's it.  Should you not have adequate phone signal at GZ you could always PAF.  Photos will only be accepted from the webcam and not from your phone.


Porlock Weir, about 1.5 miles west of the inland village of Porlock, Somerset, England, is a small settlement around a harbour. Porlock means place of the port and Porlock Weir is its harbour. Weir refers to salmon stakes and traps that were situated along the shore. It is a popular visitor attraction.

Many cottages date from the 17th century, including the Gibraltar Cottages which have been designated by English Heritage as a grade II listed building.

Like most ports in West Somerset, the harbour is tidal and is home to a small flotilla of yachts and is visited by many more in spring and summer. The port has existed for more than a thousand years. The Anglo-Saxon Chronicle reports that in 1052 Harold Godwinson came from Ireland with nine ships and plundered the area and before that in 866 AD it was raided by Danes. In the 18th and 19th centuries coal from South Wales was the main cargo and in World War II pit props cut in local forests were the return cargo.

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