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The Salvation Project - OK04B8
Owner: Paulicus
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Altitude: m. ASL.
 Region: United Kingdom (UK) > Herefordshire, Worcestershire and Warwickshire
Cache type: Puzzle
Size: Large
Status: Ready for Search
Date hidden: 20-07-2019
Date created: 20-07-2019
Date published: 22-07-2019
Last modification: 11-08-2019
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Cache attributes

Some climbing (no gear needed)  Swamp, marsh or wading  Flashlight required  Field Puzzle / Mystery  Listed on Opencaching only 

Please read the Opencaching attributes article.
Description EN

The cache is not at the posted co-ordinates.

It is now conventional wisdom – indeed, it appears to be beyond any reasonable doubt - that our climate is in the process of changing; global warming is leading to more extreme weather including hurricanes, tornadoes, blizzards, dust storms and major floods and these events are forecast to become more and more common over the following years and decades.

It has recently come to light that the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration has been conducting hands on experiments into ways of mitigating the effects of severe flooding and the resultant destruction of the local environment and, in order to remain low key and so avoid unduly alarming the general population in the event of experimental mishap, a location in rural Gloucestershire in the UK was chosen as the site for one of their experiments.

The particular experiment in question involved developing practical methods of safeguarding the continued viability of a range of animal species in the worst-case scenario of an extinction-level flooding event. A low tech, eco-friendly and somewhat novel approach was taken – albeit one with a certain biblical precedent – and a predominantly wooden device designed to float on the flood waters and sustain a selection of wildlife until such a time as water levels dropped significantly and the temporary inhabitants could once again thrive in the open air and on land. With the design completed, the construction of several prototype devices was undertaken; this proved surprisingly problematic and maintaining the desired environmental low impact brief involved the use of unexpectedly high technology processes – a cast iron superstructure, thin film solar cells coupled with molten salt storage, an advanced lithium-sulphur battery, spoked magnet electric motor and special anti-fouling paint for example – but pond trials were eventually successfully completed and an eclectic selection of wildlife  recruited for the maiden voyage.

In the absence of an actual inundation, or even the short-term forecast of one, some improvisation was necessary to create a localised dramatic rise in water levels and some highly classified and very experimental technology in the form of a modified plasma window was introduced with the ambitious aim of fashioning and constraining a tightly defined water channel along which the organically loaded devices could float. The first craft was launched into the channel and it was at this point that things started to go awry; the technology was rather too experimental and, perhaps unsurprisingly, struggled to generate a stable uphill water flow and the resulting extreme turbulence caused the craft to spin rapidly – the original had the benefit of divine blessing to enforce miraculous stability in stark contrast to the modern day replicas - tumble out of control and come to a crashing stop at the base of a tree. Meanwhile, a last errant power surge from the malfunctioning plasma window drained all the water uphill leaving the course of the channel dry and with a final burst of arcing, the entire array of generator electronics shutdown in a decidedly terminal fashion. The shamefaced experimenters hurriedly packed up the remnants of their equipment and returned home where they were encouraged to believe rather more in divine intervention and rather less in climate change.


For a closer look:


It is at this juncture that your help is requested: the poor abandoned animals are trapped inside their short-lived rescue device and would dearly love to breathe the fresh air of Gloucestershire, even if only for a short time. Would you kindly follow their trail from launch point to final demise and resting place and release them?

Thank you very much and note that the published coordinates indicate an excellent parking spot.

Also, assume N 51 degrees and W 002 degrees.


For a closer look -


Although not strictly a 'tribute' cache, sincere thanks must go to Abanazar for his many superlative caches; 'The Salvation Project' has undoubtedly been influenced by his cache setting methodology. Plagiarism rules!



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