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40 years of The Snowman - OK04EE
Właściciel: jamesa60
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Wysokość: m n.p.m.
 Województwo: Wielka Brytania > Surrey, East and West Sussex
Typ skrzynki: Quiz
Wielkość: Mikro
Status: Gotowa do szukania
Data ukrycia: 19-11-2018
Data utworzenia: 27-04-2021
Data opublikowania: 27-04-2021
Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 15-06-2021
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Atrybuty skrzynki

Around the clock  Winter safe  Parking nearby  Accessible by public transport  Hilly Terrain  All year round Access 

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Opis EN

The geocache is NOT at the provided coordinates. This is a puzzle cache, so you will need to solve the coordinates by answering some questions as specified in the 'Finding the cache' section at the bottom of the geocache description.


The Snowman

2018 marks the 40th anniversary of The Snowman.
The Snowman is a short film based on a book of the same name written by Raymond Briggs.
In the film, a boy makes a snowman on Christmas Eve after heavy snow fall. At midnight the snowman comes to life. The boy invites the snowman into his house and they play around with toys, clothing, and appliances. Afterwards, the snowman begins to fly with the boy and takes him to the north pole. During this part of the film, the song ‘Walking in the air’ is sung. At the north pole, the boy is taken to see Father Christmas who gives him a gift and shows him the reindeer.

During the flight they go over various real-life landmarks, some of which are in Brighton. The local landmarks are the Royal Pavilion, the West Pier, and the South Downs.
The Snowman

Brighton at Christmastime

Over the Christmas period, Brighton hosts a wide variety of events.

Each year an ice skating rink is set up outside the Royal Pavilion. The ice rink looks most impressive at night when the Pavilion is lit up.

Throughout the city, there are plenty of Christmas lights and trees. At the lights turn-on event, there is a party in East Street, where you will find many family-friendly activities such as carol singing, and entertainment.

Getting here

There is plenty of parking on the campus. This costs £2.50 for three hours (pay by phone only). Charges apply Monday to Friday, 9:00 to 17:00. Parking is free outside these times. Visitor parking is only allowed in car parks P4, P5, and the Falmer Sports Complex. The car parks are usually full on weekdays, so please try to visit on the weekend. Avoid parking here on Brighton and Hove Albion match days, as some/most of the car parks are reserved for the home fans.

There are several bus stops on campus, all on the Brighton and Hove Buses network. The buses that stop on campus are 5B, 23, 25, 25X, N25, 50, 50U, and 84. Buses 78, 28, 29, 29B, 29N, and 29X stop nearby. Falmer train station is south of the campus. Trains run here from Brighton, Seaford, and Eastbourne (as well as stops in between).

Maps of parking and public transport: New style map | Old style map

Finding the cache

You will find nothing to help you with the cache at the listed coordinates, but in December this is where you can find the University’s Christmas tree.
You have two options to find the coordinates. You can either watch Walking in the Air to answer some questions (option 1, the fun option), or do some research online (option 2). You may wish to write in your log which option you chose.

Option 1 – Watch The Snowman music video [watch here]

Option 2 – Do some research

How many coals make up the buttons on the snowman? [0:00] A

How many snowmen in gardens down below? [0:35] B

How many times does the snowman fly around the West Pier? [1:06] C

How many chimneys does the boat have? [1:20] D

How many penguins are there on the iceberg? [3:35] E

How many penguins bump into each other when looking at the snowman? [3:45] F

How many pages in the book? 3G

How long was the West Pier? 3H0 meters

In which year was the author of the book awarded a CBE? 201I

When was the writer of Walking in the Air born? 2Jth October 1938

Where did the Aled Jones cover of Walking in the Air peak in the UK charts? K

How many words in the book? L

The films first showing was on channel M.

What is the ISBN of the book? 0N41100046

N 50° 5D.(B+1)(E+C)(A+E), W000° 0(A+F).(C-1)(B+D)F

N 50° 5G.HI(J+1), W 000° 0K.L(M+1)N

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