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A Lonely Cache's Birthday - OK04FF
The 20th birthday of a cache with an unusual history
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Wysokość: m n.p.m.
 Województwo: Wielka Brytania > Cornwall and Isles of Scilly
Typ skrzynki: Wydarzenie
Wielkość: Bez pojemnika
Status: Zarchiwizowana
Data rozpoczęcia wydarzenia: 30-08-2022
Data utworzenia: 09-08-2022
Data opublikowania: 09-08-2022
Ostatnio zmodyfikowano: 30-10-2022
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Opis EN

30th August 2022: 19.45-20.15

Harry's Cache, St Mary's, Isles of Scilly was hidden on Friday 6th September 2002.

It was hidden by Allan & Susan (Stonehunters)  in memory of Susan's late father, "who loved the islands". 

Their description says, "This cache is at the top end of St. Mary’s which often goes unvisited. However, as we discovered it is a very interesting area with splendid antiquities and views. Please note that the cache is definitely not hidden amongst the archaeological site and therefore do not, under any circumstances, disturb the location. Please use your GPS to locate.  The cache is a small, yellow topped plastic container, holding logbook, pencil, jewellery and other items." 

Unfortunately they no longer use the website so I can't tell them that I revived their hide as an opencache:


The cache was archived, unfound, in April 2003 in a log that says that the coordinates are wrong but they are, in fact, exactly right.


My attention was drawn to this cache by one of heartradio's lists but I never thought to look for it.  Then, on 19th May 2019, the cache FTF was made by canalcruisers after 6100 days or 16 years, 8 months, 14 days or 200 months, 14 days.  On 8th August 2019 I went to look for the cache and, just like canalcruisers, I found it straightaway and in very good condition.  I couldn't log my find as the cache page was "locked" by Groundspeak after the FTF log.

This is a great location from which to watch a sunset.  We will watch the sun go down and commemorate Harry and this ancient cache.

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