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6241 2022-01-02 17:32 Oliver Pyke (user activity1) - Found it

5465 2020-02-01 00:00 OC Team - OC Team comment

Cache of month Hello heartradio!

I'm pleased to inform you that your cache became: Cache of the month


OC Team

5454 2020-01-20 17:34 The Wanderer (user activity47) - Found it

I was able to grab a few hours on this glorious sunny frosty morning! So a quick circuit over Benjy Tor then down headlong to the River Dart for a archived cache before trekking back up to the Wennaford Falls then back! I love this area, especially in the Winter!! Ca he is slightly damp, but okay. 

5270 2019-06-17 21:05 heartradio (user activity48) - Maintenance performed

Checked up on this one while I was walking in the area today. The cache was in a bit of an inky mess as the stamp/inkpad hadn't been put back in their plastic bag. I've cleaned it out a bit and all is well.

4802 2018-09-09 09:25 ChudleighTraveller (user activity32) - Found it

It's no secret that I have a love for Letterbox Hybrid caches, which probably stems from my childhood spending many years walking across the moor to seek out the next box. Since this cache was published, I've been eagerly awaiting my visit to the Secret Waterfall, but for me it meant waiting for the right moment. Angelaobscura and I spoke about this cache very recently and so we decided this would be the main target this morning. Having precariously arrived at GZ, via an excellent route I may add we met with a gentleman and exchanged pleasantries before he washed his face in the water, took in the scenery and headed off. I mentioned we should now go find the cache and wandered over to make a quick find of this nice size box. The log was signed, and we had a look at the trackable in the cache and decided to leave it for the next lucky visitor. Enjoyed sitting by the water for a while to take in this wonderful location and what it has to offer. It's such a beautiful waterfall, and I'm very pleased to visit here today in good company, I'll definitely return as it's now one of my favourite places on Dartmoor.

4601 2018-02-16 09:09 recommendation dixie_gooner (user activity115) - Found it

Smithy138 and me had a long overdue trip on to Dartmoor today. We had the Bench Tor series as a back up from a previous day which we had deferred due to bad weather. At the last minute I was available today so we headed out here.

I had this cache saved as an additional for today and thought that we would have to approach it from the road. However as we neared the Alphabet Challenge I saw that we may be able to cross the river and get to the falls. Once across the river we followed the track as much as we could and all was good until we made our decent. It was at this stage that I believe my stick became a casualty of the day.

I headed down to the falls themselves to take some pictures before actually looking for the cache. We took the necessary bearings and had a fruitless search. I then resorted to reading previous logs and it was a log with the addition of a picture of the cache which eventually put me in the right place.


4426 2018-01-26 23:53 Amberel (user activity598) - Found it

I had read this cache page when I published the cache, and immediately put it on my "todo" list, despite it being over 200 miles from home. A few days caching on Dartmoor with dizzygirl was the first opportunity I had to come here laughing.

We spent the night about a mile up the road, in a great location except we had parked with the back of the campervan facing the brisk wind, which meant a cold draught blowing in through the rear 'fridge and cooker ventilation louvres all night wink. But after heavy overnight rain, the morning dawned dry, if not very bright, and we made this our first cache of the day.

A short walk via the thoughtfully provided waypoints and we could see our destination, and it didn't take long to find the cache, which was in good condition. We then spent rather longer exploring the area and taking photos laughing.

For the best caches I find I make a geocoin for the c/o, and this was a cracker (see for details).

Thanks for bringing us to a great location,

Rgds, Andy



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4425 2018-01-26 18:34 dizzygirl (user activity14) - Found it

Having stayed over night locally in the camper van Amberel and I were well placed for this as our first cache. With exact waypoints we easily found the right paths and struggled a little to not slip after all the rain, however, what spectacular falls they were for all the extra water.  Great cache, and found quickly in the second spot we looked.  Took some time to take some great photos. 


4331 2017-12-24 10:09 dave.johnson (user activity250) - Found it

Thanks for placing this one here- not visited the falls for a couple of years and its great to be back at this location. I didn't plan to come here today as I wanted to go out over the South Moor.. plans changed when I realised I had the flu..just in time for Xmas.. cheers

Pictures for this log entry:

4324 2017-12-10 13:18 NSCR (user activity119) - Found it

As stated in the previous log this is a wonderful spot for a geocache


Thanks to the CO as i had read about this place but didnt know the exact location, now we do.


A great little walk for both halves of NSCR and my Father. 



5532 2017-12-05 19:53 Dartmoor Dave (user activity144) - Found it

Just checking to ensure that all my opencaches were up to date when I came across this cross-listed cache which I had only logged on GC. So a rather late log, but it was logged immediately on GC.

Well, I thought it would be rude to jump in and log my find before the FTF had a chance to log hers, and having read that lovely log, I am very glad I did ! After all the publicity this cache has received I was very surprised that it hadn't already been found, but there were so many caches published in the last few days, attention was diverted elsewhere. I didn't get a chance to visit until this afternoon and I was very surprised that I was actually second. This is certainly an amazing spot and a lovely location for a cache. I followed the waypoints down to the waterfall and it was only at that moment that I remembered that this was a letterbox hybrid ! So, I had forgotten to bring both my stamp and my sighting compass, but as it was only a dozen paces the iPhone compass should have been ok. Well I followed the bearing given, but there was nothing there. However, the hint is so explicit that it was a very easy find. I went back to the spot I started and my iPhone compass made it anything between 285 and 315 degrees, so pretty useless really ! If the CO was using the same device I suspect he had the same problem. Very cross that I couldn't stamp the book, but that was entirely my stupidity and I may return to do that. So a really good cache in a stunning location, many thanks for the cache !

4308 2017-12-05 09:00 Balrogslayer's Mum (user activity1) - Found it

Wow!   What a beautiful location!

The CO had released photos of this very special double waterfall prior to the cache being published and from those alone I knew it was somewhere that I absolutely had to visit.  It looked to be a tranquil place with a magical feel - like somewhere in Tolkein’s Middle Earth - and as such I wished to visit it solo.   Patiently I waited and then the notification email came, telling me where to find this unique and wondrous place.    Oh, it’s a Letterbox cache - so off I went to purchase an ink pad ... I already owned an appropriate stamp for myself, reflecting my caching name.  A careful read of the cache page warned me of tricky terrain and I contacted the CO for more details.   Knowing my infirmities he advised me to go with company but it burnt deep within me to be alone ... at one with the river ... I have a passion for rivers!   He compared part of the route with a cache location in Somerset that we had explored together and that I had struggled with.  That was yesterday evening, I awoke this morning and still the desire to come here was burning into my soul ... at least I would have a look.

Parked at the suggested parking and followed the helpfully waypointed route via the two junctions and then began my descent.   I expect some who follow will read this and wonder what all my fuss is about but for me this was a challenge.   Steep, muddy, leaf-strewn and slippery  - I took it one step at a time - slowly but surely I closed on my target ... all the time the dominant sound was the rushing of the waters below - music to my ears!   Nearly at GZ the note changed and the drop but not the waterfall became apparent.   Pausing to take photos and videos I drank in the intoxicating atmosphere, revelling in the unimaginable beauty of the place!

Finally turning my attention to locating the cache I looked in the right place first time but not hard enough!  Then I checked my GPSr, which stubbornly told me “You’re under trees, are you expecting accuracy?” ... #rude!   A read of the letterbox directions took me straight back to my first search zone so I persevered and sure enough there it was.   This was the only time on my journey that I did not stay on my feet but chose to kneel down while I added the cache’s stamp to my notebook and my own stamp and signature to the log book - very happy to see that I was first.   With all the admin completed the cache was returned and I stood up but ... where was my pen?  Time for more genuflection and retrieval of the errant writing implement from within the cache!

Just one more task was required for my trip to be complete - I had to get as close as possible to the position from which those enticing photos had been taken.  This was by far the squishiest part of my journey - at one point I watched as I placed one foot and the fluidity of the mud caused it to gently rise up the side of my walking boot threatening to engulf it.   Once down by the water’s edge I ate my breakfast banana then more photos and videos were taken to record my visit - very probably the only time I shall make this pilgrimage but hopefully not.   Time to leave as I can feel that I’m weakening now that the adrenaline rush has subsided.

My ascent was as painstakingly careful as my descent only now I also needed to rest to catch my breath.   Each time I stopped, I realised that the distinctive waterfall sound was increasingly getting lost in the general river noise until I could no longer distinguish it from the ambient.

What a wonderful place, thank you so much heartradio for placing  a cache here to tempt me to visit.   I came away much uplifted and wish I could bestow many more than the one permitted Favourite Point.   Back at my car, where it took over an hour for me to stop shaking from the adrenaline overdose [:o)] and with reception restored, I discovered that a triumvirate of caching pals now knowing where I had gone - alone - were anxious to hear news of my return to civilisation ... thank you guys and I’m sorry I gave you cause for alarm.   - TFTC

4306 2017-12-04 21:21 OC Team - OC Team comment

The cache was approved by the OC Team