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5532 2017-12-05 19:53 Dartmoor Dave (user activity142) - Found it

Just checking to ensure that all my opencaches were up to date when I came across this cross-listed cache which I had only logged on GC. So a rather late log, but it was logged immediately on GC.

Well, I thought it would be rude to jump in and log my find before the FTF had a chance to log hers, and having read that lovely log, I am very glad I did ! After all the publicity this cache has received I was very surprised that it hadn't already been found, but there were so many caches published in the last few days, attention was diverted elsewhere. I didn't get a chance to visit until this afternoon and I was very surprised that I was actually second. This is certainly an amazing spot and a lovely location for a cache. I followed the waypoints down to the waterfall and it was only at that moment that I remembered that this was a letterbox hybrid ! So, I had forgotten to bring both my stamp and my sighting compass, but as it was only a dozen paces the iPhone compass should have been ok. Well I followed the bearing given, but there was nothing there. However, the hint is so explicit that it was a very easy find. I went back to the spot I started and my iPhone compass made it anything between 285 and 315 degrees, so pretty useless really ! If the CO was using the same device I suspect he had the same problem. Very cross that I couldn't stamp the book, but that was entirely my stupidity and I may return to do that. So a really good cache in a stunning location, many thanks for the cache !